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High school students getting a better approach of all TIC fields

It is a mobile platform where high school students can learn more about informatics among all fields based on their interests and get the opportunity to see application of it through informatic university students nearby who can explain their degree projects in their classrooms.


Team: Student4Students

Team members

Luis Carranza, Valeria Urbina, Alessandro Shevera

Members roles and background

Luis Carranza: Developer, Informatic Engineering Student with speciality in Computer Vision

Valeria Urbina: Front-End Developer. Informatic Engineering Student 

Alessandro Shevera: Business modeler. Marketing and Economics.

Contact details

Solution description

Getting information from surveys of young women in the UK, we figured out 2 main reasons why women would not have such a motivation to study informatics:

  • Women doesn't feel informatics will be realted to them: There is a missconception about what is the informatic profile, a geek guy who wants to play videogames or has been coding all his life.
  • Women feel informatics as a field full of men, so they won't feel such in a comfortable place as in a well balance major.

So considering these reasons, Student4Students is a mobile platform for last year high school students who are willing for more information to decide for a major or technical career after high school. In this platform, we connect high school students with the informatic applications through their fields by speeches from informatic university students,who will gain credits as a volunteering service.

This solution will enhance digital education by providing a platform where not only boys and girls will know more about what an informatic can do in the world, but also as an active participation from hight school students to communicate their interests of what topics they would like to learn more.

The sucess of this solution can be measured by the amount of students downloading the app, as to the amount of students who gets a speech from an informatic student.

We propose a revenue business model to generate benefits from it, with 3 sources which are Schools, where will be benefit from the talks from students instead of expending in teaching hours. The second source are enterprises which will adquire information about informatic students and their specialization in order to offer them a job. And the last source are recruiters who will have networking reunions with students in order to catch talent.

Solution context

The problem we are facing is the lack of women's presence in the different areas of informatics.

We consider the challenges we are solving are the lack of knowledge from young women, who are close to decide their major, about the fields of informatics and the vision of informatics as a only men major.

For the first challenge we provide an app, where you can get information about fields in informatics you will be more interested based on a survey and continous updates with their activity in the app.

For the second challenge we propose a proportion of a least 50% women going to a school to do the talk. That means that if there are going 4 informatic students, at least 2 of them must be women. In that scenario, high school students will see how both men are women works together in informatics.

Solution target group

The target group of our solution is anybody who is in their last years of high school and is willing to learn more about the different fields of informatics. Especially women who do not have much information about it so that they can stop feeling excluded in this environment.

This solution will affect three main groups:

  • Last year High School Students, who will use the app in order to get more information about what major to choose. They will benefit by accessing to information they will find related, useful  and interesting to them, as they can tell the school to let speakers go to their classrooms to explain topics they find the most interesting.
  • Last year informatic university students, who will use this app as a way of volunteering.  They will benefit by gaining an amount of credits because they are making community services to schools they live nearby, in a context informatic students need a couple of credits to finish their degree and they most don’t know where to invest it. It will also be beneficial to them because they will explain something they were investigating for a year, so they know a lot of it and won’t have to make such an extra effort.
  • School, which will be the ones who use the app to communicate and confirm the content of the information it is going to be presented to their students. Schools will benefit by giving their students more tools to let them decide their major, as to letting the teachers do other activities while the speakers are presenting in their teaching hours.

Solution impact

We envision our solution as a game changer in the teaching industry. With the introduction of our on demand learning platform managed by pupils, governed by teachers and alimented by university students we seriously disbundle a system that is centuries old bringing speed and transparency


We will be able to deliver accurate conversion metrics thanks to our in app university pre enrollment program, as to the metrics we can get by the activity of the students through the app.

Solution tweet text

We are a mobile platform that provides live in class on demand lessons to high school students taught by university students focused on STEM topics in order to bring closer the HQ students to an uni path in info tech

Solution innovativeness

The aspect that makes our product an original one is that we provide a platform to connect school students with university students with the aim of introducing computer engineering from a more simple and friendly perspective

Solution transferability

This solution can be initially proposed with a school in Barcelona making contact with students of the FIB UPC. However, our proposal can be scalable to more universities and colleges interested in being part of this. 

This idea of having a platform where students share information regarding different topics can be applied to any education project that is desired.

Solution sustainability

We will open a pilot program in Barcelona with UPC and a local high school.  We will open source all of our technology. We envision ourself in the future as an integral part of every classrom, delivering on demand  teaching experiences to students all around the world

Solution team work

We worked well as a team. For that reason we would like to continue the team work in the future in order to finish the project.

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