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Study and learn together while competiting with other teams!

StudySesh makes learning more engaging and collaborative by having teams of students studying similar topics collaborate. Students collaborate using in-built video chat and work on quizzes and compete against other teams. A real-time leaderboard shows where they rank compared to others.


Team: The Students

Team members

Dylan Oshima, Lorenzo Baldini, Apurv Mishra, Ramzy Bunnya, Vittorio Trettenero

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Solution description

StudySesh is an online platform that fosters team-work and peer learning using a gamified approach. The platform has built-in voice and video chat which allows students to collaborate effectively and work on quizzes together. We make this a reward using a gamified and reward based approach. The more the students engage and answer, the higher the points they get and are ranked higher on the leaderboard.

The major problem with digital education right now is to emulate the classroom and group discussion and engage students effectively. The lack of interaction in these sessions makes them boring, and students who don't adjust well experience drops in their marks and mental health. By incentivizing collaboration in teams we give students the opportunity to interact with / or make new friends and all of them support each others learning. The gamified approach is important to ensure we can keep the student's attention and reward them appropriately for their work.

We expect this solution could be used in a lot of different ways, for example to collaborate with students in the university or collaborate with students in all universities in the city or we can remove all borders and have collaboration with students studying the same topics from all over the world.

I expect the measurement of the success of this approach to learning can easily be measured from student satisfaction surveys and comparing their performance in traditional exams pre and post them starting learning on the platform.

Solution target group

The group of people who can benefit from this solution is really wide. However, we believe students in high school and pre-honour years stand to gain the maximum benefits of it. Both of these groups are building new study skills and learning topics which are much more difficult than they have done before. The lack of friends as a support system for new university students is a major concern which we believe can be addressed with regular interaction on this platform with people of their university, age etc.

Students stand to gain a lot of important skills from participating on our platform. Teamwork, online collaboration, leadership, and good study habits are few of them. With regular interactions, we hope students develop a strong peer support network who can help them in their studies and in their personal lives.

Solution impact

Increased student satisfaction, better mental health, deeper understanding of the topics and higher marks in traditional exams are the major positive impacts we hope we can get from our solution.

We can measure student satisfaction and changes in mental health using anonymous surveys on our platform. The increase in marks can be measured in collaboration with universities or by using self-reporting for universities we can't collaborate with,

Solution tweet text

Level up your studying experience by using StudySesh! Learn, Compete & Grow with your classmates, and people from all over the world. Everyone is in a 4 person team and the teams collaboratively work on quizzes and compete with other teams all over the world for similar topics!

Solution innovativeness

Our solution differs from the existing quiz applications. They are all either made for single users or are made to be played in a 1v1 competition setting. This doesn't solve the problem we are working on.

Existing video and voice chat tools are built independent of the platform. This is good for their general use, but by building our platform around an inbuilt video and voice chat software. We can leverage it fully to customise it for the learning experience students need. Our aim is not to burden the students with traditional quizzes but to make them as fun and interactive as possible. We want students to collaborate with each other to find answers and help each other whenever they have a problem.

We believe our idea is catchy and interesting for students and our platform is engineered to engage them effectively.

Solution transferability

The interactive and gamefied quiz platform can run independently of any need for video chatting and can be used for in person teaching as well. We believe this would have the potential to be really effective in small seminars, workshops and tutorial sessions.

The voice and video chat software we have implemented is light and fast to run and can be used as your personal zoom as well!

Solution sustainability

We have implemented a lot of the parts of the solution in 24 hours. We have a working prototype where users can join rooms and answer quizzes while chatting with each other. Our hope is that we can polish this product if given time and get it ready for scaling in a short time. In the mid to long term future we hope to add many new features to make it a fully contained learning platform and add more interactive ways to learn for the user.

Solution team work

We all believe the team worked really well together. In the team of five, 4 of us are developers and are quite flexible and good at working with both the backend and frontend. Despite that, we split into groups of 2 to focus on specific tasks in either frontend or backend while still supporting each other. Our fifth member focused on market research and content for the quizzes, without which the platform was not possible.

We genuinely hope that we get the chance to continue working on this project together as a team, because we had a brilliant time together!

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