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Worldwide platform connecting students to solve real challenges

Synnup connects students from different careers to solve real challenges presented by organizations. This will allow the creation of a multidisciplinary team with different profiles for the development of comprehensive and higher quality solutions to be presented as their thesis.


Team: Shared Thinking

Team members

Francisco Chiappero, Raissa Sosa, Facundo Di Giacomo, Tomás Herrou y Emilio Massolo

Members roles and background

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Solution description

Thanks to COVID, the digitization of courses around the world accelerated, but the application of this knowledge in the field remains to be promoted. The success of the solution can be seen by measuring the number of challenges solved, the number of graduates and startups created. There will be more graduates, greater social responsibility, and early interaction of young talents.

Solution context

Many students find it difficult to define a thesis topic or there is nothing that motivates them to do so. In addition, others carry out the thesis in order to approve and not propose any practical proposal that adds value to society.

At the same time, a real challenge that an organization has and has the urgency to solve is being solved.

Solution target group

Students who are in the last year of their degree, universities and organizations of any kind.


Solution impact

SYNNUP, is a digital platform that integrates virtually and without emissions: students, and organizations, with the purpose of manage and executes projects leveraging the use of available technologies and reinventing a greener future.

In this way, we help materialize ideas and ensure that they are of outstanding quality, thanks to the support and monitoring of the universities.

Once the job is finished, students will have an enriching experience, which will be very similar to a real work environment, being able to work together with other professionals around the world, thus promoting creativity and cultural exchange.

In turn, the universities will avoid the desertion of their students by encouraging them to graduate, since today in Argentina only 30% of those enrolled do so.

Solution tweet text

Digital platform that connects and integrates students, universities and organizations from all over the world in order to manage, promote and execute projects that add value to society.

Solution innovativeness

Integrate and create multidisciplinary teams from different careers and universities to carry out their thesis in a collaborative and agile way, sharing resources and taking advantage of the available technologies.

Graduate and at the same time solve a real problem and with the possibility of being paid for it or creating their own companies.

You cannot find something similar in the market, since Linkedin is a network for job search and networking (today it is not focused on students neither is it a database of the projects developed). Freelancer is a platform where you can hire people around the world, for the development of a specific job (but it does not have the support or validation of universities), nor does it encourage interaction with professionals from other fields.

Solution transferability

Something similar could be used: exclusively for companies, that is, the exchange of ideas and solutions between employees and professionals from different industries. Also, for all kinds of university assignments/ projects, not just for thesis.

In the future, the platform will be able to connect organizations from all over the world with one another.

Solution sustainability

  • Short Term: Obtain financing and apply the solution locally using the contacts we have (start with a pilot test in a University, and then connect it with others in the same city). As the volume of registered users and universities grows, they will be promoted in other states until they capture an entire country.
  • Medium-term: internationalization, attracting universities and organizations from other countries, with a special focus between EU-MERCOSUR.
  • Long-term: Worldwide platform, connecting universities and organizations from all around the world.

Solution team work

The most important thing is that our training is diverse and we think differently, which enriches the process much more. That is why we would like to replicate that work philosophy to students who still do not know about hackathons. We really enjoy working all together since we are a group of friends who are always thinking about ideas to develop.

* Climate-KIC publishes the proposed solutions developed during the DigiEduHack event solely for the purposes of facilitating public access to the information concerning ideas and shall not be liable regarding any intellectual property or other rights that might be claimed to pertain to the implementation or use any of the proposed solutions shared on its website neither does it represent that it has made any effort to identify any such rights. Climate-KIC cannot guarantee that the text of the proposed solution is an exact reproduction of the proposed solution. This database is general in character and where you want to use and develop a proposed solution further, this is permitted provided that you acknowledge the source and the team which worked on the solution by using the team’s name indicated on the website.

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DigiEduHack is an EIT initiative under the European Commission's Digital Education Action Plan, led by EIT Climate-KIC and coordinated by Aalto University. In 2021, the main stage event is hosted by the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union in cooperation with the International Research Center on Artificial Intelligence (IRCAI) under the auspices of UNESCO.

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