Teacher assistant telegram bot


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Teacher assistant telegram bot

Our project is a telegram bot – a teacher's assistant, which is intended for the checking various kinds of quizes, homeworks etc. and solving routine tasks.

Members roles and background

Kluchnikov Valeriy, Bakshenov Vladislav - programmers (tech.part)
Kamalutdinov Usman - illustrative part (Presentation, Speech)

Contact details
89819546584 ;

Solution description

Our project is a telegram bot – a teacher's assistant, which is intended for the checking various kinds of quizes, homeworks etc. and solving routine tasks.

Solution context

The main challenge is to create instrument that will be simple for users and also powerful. On the other hand – technology stack which isn’t easy to combine one product.

Our bot is based on Telegram API. C# and Docker.

Solution target group

The project is primarily intended for teachers and students.

By delegating a part of tasks of the teacher to the telegram bot, we can get some advantages such as:

- reduce teacher’s work load, and increase his efficiency;

- standardize criterions of checking/ exclude the human factor.

Solution impact

We think that if the project is implemented qualitatively, it will has great prospects.

Solution tweet text

Teacher’s best friend.

Solution innovativeness

It’s a new way of student-teacher interaction. Nowadays there are no such decisions in education market and we are the first who offer digital teacher’s assistant.

Solution transferability

The telegram bot is very flexible for customization, and can be applied in completely different areas of knowledge such as setting up Continuous Integration via Telegram in programming or simple FAQ-like Telegram bots.

Solution sustainability

We can start launching our teacher assistant bot at ITMO University as a testing platform.

Steps of implementation:

    1. Presentation for teachers

    2. Provide training on setting up and using the bot among interested teachers.

    3. Testing

    4. At the end of the testing period, take feedback from teachers, make improvements if it’s need, and resolve issues of further implementation

    5. If a user experience is good, make a planned implementation throughout the university, providing each teacher with a personal bot assistant.

Solution team work

We worked very organized. As a haсkathon had started we devided responsibility and each member made an own part of a project. We'd like to meet again in the final stage of the hackathon.

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