Teaming 4.0

Teaming 4.0

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How may we create more efficient teams for school projects?

Team work. A concept that is vital for human interactions, but that has become a conflict in the classrooms. We want to solve this using artificial intelligence to create the better teams. With main criterias including co-evaluations, overall performance, satisfaction and teacher's evaluation.


Team: Teaming

Team members

Mariel Ramírez Romero, Nicolás Romero Medleg, Marcela Ibarra Rosas, Eugenio Ortiz Cabrera

Members roles and background

Marcela Ibarra Rosas:

  • Participant of ISTE 2017 Denver, with the project Codice Azoyú of implemented augmented reality to create a user friendly experience to learn mexican history. 
  • Participant of PIBA 2015 and 2016 on robotics.
  • Participant of PIBA 2017 and 2018 on use of technologies in education. Finalist with the project "Parabolic Motion", a platform for students to learn by themselves a physics subject.
  • Winner of the program Academic Talent of the Tecnologico de Monterrey, 2017.
  • Winner of the engineering expo of semester Jan-May 2019.

 Eugenio Ortiz Cabrera:

  • Knowledge in php, javascript, mysql, phyton, swift, database design. 
  • Second place in Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Querétaro marketing fair "Pueblos mágicos" April 2016.
  • Graphic designer and user experience enthusiast.
  • Basic knowledge in finance.

Contact details,

Solution description

Our final product is a software based solution, that can be used as a plugin for any platform. This software allow students to login, find their active projects and once the project has concluded they can co-evaluate their teammates based on different skills and overall performance of the team. From the teacher's side, he will grade the work done and the team performance. With this data, the students' profile will constantly retrieve feedback which will help to generate a rating on their personal skills, personal values and principles. Artificial intelligence will learn from this evaluations and iterate to match the profiles that have worked the best, creating teams with a highest rate of success and better performance possibilities. This will also prevent the matching of uncompatible profiles, assuring a good team experience. 

Artificial Intelligence at first will have a lengthy learning curve. Nevertheless, over the time this system will indeed achieve to be very helpful and valuable for any academic institution. Therefore, the success of our product can be measured with the data gathered from the AI and the level of students' improvement in their performance while using it. 

The advantages of the solution are configuring high performance teams, competence evaluations also based on interpersonal skills and the posibility to end your career with a validated data/resume of the developed competences and best projects in which they worked. Would you imagine a team where all members are completely honest and recognized by their leadership attributes? This team will indeed go further beyond...

Solution context

The actual way that is used to decide with who you will work with in school projects is non-efficient, usually teamates end up mad, desagreeing or developing the project by themselves. Students and teachers find this problem to be very disturbing. From a survey done by Teaming during the challenge, it was found that 80% of the students find to be a complicated thing to do, furthermore to develop a team work quality. From our mentors, it was found that all of them faced a problem creating good teams and even more, didn't know how to help students create their own high performance teams.

The challenge is that there doesn't exist a tool to create the best high performance teams based on their skills. Teachers have tried to create the teams with different criterias or strategies but at the end they don't get the desired result. 

Solution target group

Our principal target and buyer are the schools, who are looking foward to improve their educational model via technology.

Our secondary target and users are the teachers and students, who will act as outputs in order to gather the data needed for the AI to work.

This solution will affect the teacher at first instance, because he/she will choose the criteria needed for the project. Afterwards, the student will have to fill out the co-evaluations. Everytime this is repeated, the AI will create the teams in an efficient way, affecting the students' experience in every project they work at. 

This will benefit the teachers to save-up time creating teams and improving the class performance and grades. To the students, this will benefit them creating more pleasant experiences, improving their skills and grades.

Solution impact

Our solution impacts at an academical level, being able to boost the school's prestige with the students performance.

Also, at a personal level, the students will have a possitive image about teamwork and a satisfactory feelings at the end of every project made with a team created by our AI. We validated with the survey, that the three first words describing teamwork are negative. 

An extra benefit will be to have a validation of their skills developed over their career, which will help them support their CV skills when searching for a job. 

This impact will be measured with the statistics found over the iterative process of our AI.

Solution tweet text

Implementation of artificial intelligence to create high performance teams, based on gathered data from co-evaluations of skills and overall performance teamwork.

Solution innovativeness

Our solution is different and original because there are not such technology to create high performance teams based on a 360 co-evaluation system using AI. With our technology we will be able to improve the team mechanics, dynamics, communications and results based on the match of the personal profiles according to their skills rating. We did a research and we didn't find any solution like ours, so we noticed that our solution is a blue ocean.

With our research we have found that there are some tools using a 360 co-evaluation system, but our value proposition goes beyond that because they are not using AI to create high-performance teams, they can't match profiles and they don't give a resume of the personal ending results. 

Using the technology we know so far (AI), we created a new software well focused specifically on solving the problem of creating high performance teams which we didn't found in any other source.

Solution transferability

We truly believe good mechanics in a teamwork is key to achieve efficiency, it can be implemented in logistics, hospitals, schools, etc. with some limitants. As this tool works thanks to the same community using it, it has to be given to someone who is gonna care, usually when people is in middle school do not think in a long term benefit, this is why the team decided to search for people from highschool to workers in various industries. 

The whole project can be transfered to all industries, anywhere there's nedded to work in teams. As humans, we're used to work in society in dialy tasks. So, our solution can be used to improve our performance and success in teamwork everywhere. 

Solution sustainability

The first implementation, our MVP, is the use of our solution in schools. Adding extra features such as the validation of student's skills developed over their career, to help them support their CV skills when searching for a job. Also, an exploring page to promote activities that'll help the student improve specific and desired skills.

In a long term, we see the product being replicated and used in many industries all around the world. This projects is escalable and exponential. Besides the many applications the product offers, the network of information that could be created between all industries over the world, will generate a big data of how teams are best matched and work in the most efficient way. Users will have their range of opportunities expanded, this data will open paths to jobs and paths they probably would never think of. The best rated profiles, with good evaluations and achievements, will be rewarded by a recognition of their performance, which will give them a platform to find better job opportunities. 

Solution team work

Since the begining we aligned our vision and found that we were passionate about the challenge and the solution we proposed. We have different skills and profiles that make us a multi-disciplinary team, which enriched our perspective and ideation of the product. The team is confromed by engineers and business students, wich helped us complement the project with both worlds. We would continue working together, because of our united and commited collaboration, the most important aspect is that we really engaged with the challenge, the problem and solution. 


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