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Videogame about a female engineer that builds robots

We want to create an educational videogame about a female engineer that works at a company building robots. It will be aimed at teenagers, specially girls, to give a positive view of a job in the IT industry.


Team: Lyra

Team members

Martin Dans, Erik Martínez, Sergi de la Fuente

Members roles and background

We are a small startup that wanted to join the challenge in BCN.

Contact details

Solution description

We want to create an educational videogame about a female engineer that works at a company building robots. The teenagers that play the game will be shown that the tech world is not like the society tells them and also they will get used to seeing women as part of this IT world.

First and foremost, our solution is aimed at students, so the most important part is that they find the game attractive enough to play it. Although it involves mechanics similar to popular games, we would like to have their feedback during its developing process to best capture their interests and make the game genuinely fun to play.

We believe our solution could be introduced as part of school’s activities, to encourage all teenagers to have a more positive attitude towards technology, as well as serving as inspiration for young girls to start a career in technology.

Solution context

IT and technology are very important sectors that are growing year after year and  most certainly the trend will continue. However, women are very underrepresented in this field and this could cause different issues in the future if it does not change.

Different factors are to blame for this trend. Among them we have an unrealistic and outdated view of how is the IT world. Additionally, there is a cultural and social bias where is it perfectly normal for a boy to be attracted to computers and tech in general but not for a girl.

Education is a very important factor to be able to change this, because kids replicate what they see and that is what they find normal. So our objective is that they find women in IT as a normal thing.

Solution target group

The target of our solution are young teenagers, who are ready to start wondering about their future but may not know all options available to them.

Our solution will affect boys and girls of future generations. It will make them realize that the real image of IT is not the one displayed in movies or other media. Additionally, they will find the presence of females in the tech world as something normal, leading to less peer pressure on women interested in pursuing a career in technology.

Solution impact

It is hard to measure the impact of the solution because it is mid-term oriented. We could only see real results after a few years and it would be difficult to know if those results are a result of our solution or come from other factors or changes that have happened in the meantime.

However, we could make a survey to some teenagers about their desired future career before they play our game (at the start of the year, for example) and do that survey again later (at the end of the year) and compare the results.

Hopefully, we would be able to see an increment in the women interested in the tech industry. Additionally, the society would have a more real image of the IT world and men and women would find normal for women to be part of the tech world.

Changing this will not happen overnight and will need a collective effort of the whole society, but will reward us with several benefits. Men and women are not equal and having different perspectives when designing a product can only lead us to a better product..

Solution tweet text

Ever wanted to build your own pet robot that follows you around? Now you have your chance! And if not, give it a try, maybe someday you will be the tech lead in a robotics company!

Solution innovativeness

It is different because it shows the job of an engineer in a format appealing to teenagers, specially girls. Nothing similar can be found in the industry that we are aware of, so it is pretty innovative in that regard.

Solution transferability

Although the general idea could be used in any context where you want to increase a particular gender presence, the specifics of the solution should be addressed particularly for the new problem. The core of the game could remain the same, and just change the puzzles in it and some aesthetics.

Solution sustainability

The implementation could be relatively fast, it only requires 1-2 months of development, depending on the desired overall length of the game. Each new generation of students will be able to profit from it, as its contents will still be relevant in the upcoming years.

Solution team work

We did really well and had a great time! We work together every day and will continue to do so.

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