SHAFLT: Super Happy & Fun Learn Time

SHAFLT: Super Happy & Fun Learn Time

Our challenge, your solutions

The big problem : the distraction in Digital Education

Students who take online courses are exposed to more distractions by social media, browsing or text messages and affects their academic performance. The idea is to help students to get focused by controlling their actions which create distractions.


Team: Goal Chasers

Team members

B.V.G.S.S. Gunawardhana (Team Leader) ,M.P.C.L. Rajapaksha,B.K. Tennakoon,M.M.P. Midigama,H.M.S.I. Dayawansha

Members roles and background

Team members are undergraduates of the Open University of Sri Lanka who follow BSE Software Engineering Degree program.

Contact details

B.V.G.S.S. Gunawardhana (The Team Leader) Phone : (+94)785808418 , E Mail : /

Solution description

This study on the development of the Interactive SHAFLT System to Develop Problem-Solving Ability and Self-Regulation for students has the major purpose to learn in digital education. This can help students to give education with entertainment and actively engage the students in online education. The main aim is to provide learners with the chances to learn by themselves and to enable them to succeed in their learning and to apply the knowledge they learn to their real lives in a continuous manner throughout their lives.

Solution context

  1. Easy to access different online learning platforms on this platform.
  2. Teachers can post creative pop up questions as well as students and answer questions on time and get points to be daily winners.
  3. Playing games using points and joining some free educational game events.

Solution target group

  1.  Students who are addicted to games
  2.  Teachers who do extra classes for students
  3.  Private school students
  4.  Students or childeren who participate mass educational programmes 

Solution impact

  1. The ability to interfear with the technology.
  2. The ability to clearly understand the unique strengths and weaknesses of each medium, and how to access information through that medium.
  3. The ability to use the medium to communicate with teachers and other distance learners.
  4. Ability to educate the student joyfully and effortlessly
  5. Ability to obtain Self-Evaluation Reports and teachers can help student's problems such as ( Mentality Stress, Fear, Shame to speak)

Solution tweet text

Let's increase learner engagement in digital education using the Super Happy And Fun Learn Time) framework. Do you want to know more? Click on the link below!

Solution innovativeness

  1. Giving education with entertainment
  2. Actively engage the students in online classes and can join different learning platforms such as (Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet)
  3. Remembering matters related to the lessons easily
  4. Students can earn money using their own knowledge or playing games 

Solution transferability

Providing Full package (Themes, Question Categories, Animations) that can be implemented easily and adapted in different contexts. 

Solution sustainability

Traditional learning can never overcast the online education system. It will never completely replace face-to-face learning.Online learning extends educational resources to people who may not otherwise have access. This, combined with the added sustainability and reduced costs, ensures that online learning will surely continue to grow.

Solution team work

  • Using effective techniques to avoid common problems in constructive feedback.
  • Understanding the impact of effective appraisals on the team. Develop a strategy for implementing better-constructed feedback.
  • Considering the format of feedback and how this impacts the presentation.Constructing clear and actionable criticism.
  • Develop a skillset to better work in a team. Doing effectively to create more efficient social change

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