The Daily Practice App (not only) for the AI Campus

The Daily Practice App (not only) for the AI Campus

Our challenge, your solutions

Gamify your digital learning through a daily practice app!

Learning doesn’t need to be hard – sometimes we just need a little motivation! The Daily Practice app allows you to practice in tiny bites every day and keeps you driven to achieve your goals. It’s an open source container app that allows any teacher or student to easily embed H5P content in an app.


Team: AI Campus Daily Practice Challenge Team

Team members

Cornelia, Nagima, Kathrin, Cordula and Benedikt

Members roles and background

Cornelia / idea & development / mathematics & education

Nagima / frontend dev / computer science student

Kathrin / conceptualization / partner management

Cordula / conceptualization / communty management

Benedikt / conceptualization / mathematics & education

Contact details

Solution description

Our solution for digital learning with impact, fun and easy usability is the “Daily Practice App (not only) for the AI Campus”. The AI Campus is a digital open-licenced learning platform aiming at conveying AI competencies for students, professionals and lifelong learners. The learning opportunities vary from MOOCs, podcast to many other formats. Exercices mostly in H5P-format are an important element of the learning experience. 

The “Daily Practice App” enlarges the impact of the AI Campus as it builds on the fact that one needs to practice newly learned content on a regular basis in order to gain new competencies. How does it work exactly?  

The users of our “Daily Practice App” choose the course they are enrolled in on the AI Campus alongside with their level of expertise (beginner, intermediate, advanced learner). The app is then providing them with five fitting H5P exercises a day each day of the week. If one struggles with an exercise the app will suggest the learning content on AI Campus where the learners get the correct answers. And of course, the app will remind the users if they haven’t achieved their daily pensum yet. 
Gamification elements like a “streak” system and achievements provide motivation and help the users to achieve their learning goals. They also make learning more fun!

The “Daily Practice App” is not only designed for the AI Campus. As it is built as an open source container app other teachers can use the app for their courses and exercises, too.
The success of the solution can be easily measured by the numbers of active users and a growing number of teachers using the app for their teaching purposes.

Solution context

Skills are best built in a sustainable way if the learning process contains active practice on a regular basis. The magnitude of online information and digital learning offers easily lead to an attitude of a consumer rather than of an active learner. Exercises and motivating gamification elements provided daily by our app can be the solution. 

On the other side, teachers often face the challenge that they have exercises in digital formats integrated in their courses but no tool to transfer it into a daily practice routine for their students.

Solution target group

Firstly, our solution aims at learners of the AI Campus. Secondly, we also target teachers and trainers who want to use the container app for their set of H5P exercises to enhance motivation and establish a practice routine amongst their students. And last, but not least, students can use the app to easily create their own set of exercises (like a set of flashcards) in order to prepare themselves for a test.

Solution impact

  • Increased learning motivation for students: # activity level of app users
  • Teachers can enrich the learning experience and enhance the long-term learning success without generating new content: # derivatives of the app

Solution tweet text

Want to learn more about AI? It does not need to be hard! Learn whenever and wherever you wish with our brand new “Daily Practice App”! But be aware: learning with us is addictive... #AICampus #gamifyyourMOOC #challengeyourself #everydayisAIday #H5P

Solution innovativeness

While the idea of gamifying the learning experience isn’t new at all, there are no free apps which allow the customization of learning contents. Nowadays, nearly every major LMS supports the integration of interactive HTML5 content to enhance the learning experience with digital learning nuggets. Due to the active community there is a huge collection of freely available packages that support teachers in creating digital learning opportunities. Furthermore, there is a lack of apps that allow the free composition of H5P content. 

At this point, our app links the existing content collection with the idea of supporting individualized learning with nudges, e.g. by establishing “learning habits” just like the routines we already know from language learning or fitness apps.

Solution transferability

As an open source container app, our solution can be used in all kinds of training contexts, and is not only limited to the AI Campus or the field of AI. Following the leading principle of interoperability and openness of the AI Campus, it provides an easy, cost free solution for teachers and trainers from all backgrounds, which enables them to enhance their students' learning experience and success.

Solution sustainability

In a first step, the app could be programmed, implemented, tested and run with H5P content from the AI Campus. Activating the existing and growing AI Campus Community, we could create awareness and generate users (learners and teachers) for the app.

Solution team work

Our team consists of two programmers and three further members of the already existing AI Campus team. It was a lot of fun and inspiration working jointly in a small group on this challenge in a limited timeframe. Anyway, we had to realize that we were lacking developer power in our team in order to actually build the app during the hackathon. Nonetheless, we had a very fruitful and insightful exchange, did build a first prototype and would love to continue working on the realization of The Daily Practice App (not only) for the AI Campus.

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