The SmartPOT - A modern and interactive home farming experience

The SmartPOT - A modern and interactive home farming experience

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Are you looking for an interactive home gardening experience ?

Home gardening has never been more sustainable, easier and fun as with the new SmartPOT, a composter and pot combined in one through which you can grow your vegetables giving new life to daily organic waste while learning about nature.


Team: Team 10

Team members

Paolo Signorelli, Clèment Label Reinholdt, Carolina Giulia Pisa, Elisa Moscato

Members roles and background

Paolo Signorelli: Graduated in Viticolture and Enology at the University of Turin with international work experiences. Currently student of the Master in international Food & Beverage Management at ESCP.

Clèment Label Reinholdt: Graduated in Management and Finance. Past experiences as a chef in France. Currently student of the Master in international Food & Beverage Management at ESCP.

Carolina Giulia Pisa: Graduated in Agricultural Sciences at the University of Turin, past experiences as research fellow at the University of Turin. Currenlty student of the Master in international Food & Beverage Management at ESCP.

Elisa Moscato: Graduated in Plant Biotechnology, biologist and currenlty research fellow of the Department of Agronomy, Forestry and Food Sciences at University of Turin.

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Solution description

Our product is a connected composter and gardening pot for families or individuals living in cities with a balcony or a terrace. In the lower part you can enter your organic waste on a daily basis to prepare a compost for vegetables and other plants growing in the same pot. The app allows you to monitor the process and keep trace of the characteristics of the forming compost based on the type of organic waste used.
On the upper part, it looks just like a normal pot where you can plant and grow what you want, but fully integrated with technology. A series of sensors (humidity, temperature, nutrients, etc) paired with a dedicated app, provide a constant monitoring on the SmartPOT from the beginning to the end. The app will train and support the customer step by step through the entire process. At first it will guide the users in choosing the best crop based on their location, the season and the type of soil. The sensors inside the pot will then monitor the level of nutrients and water in your soil, telling you what you need to grow your plant.
The entire process can also be seen as an interactive educational journey. The app will explain every step of what, how and when the plant of your choosing should grow, along the fascinating process that start from a single seed and ends up with fruits and vegetables.

Solution context

Urban population is increasing and constantly moving to constantly growing cities. On the other hand, people consider it is increasingly essential to have fresh and healthy products in their kitchen. Knowledge about farming and gardening is disappearing and often citizens have no idea how their food is made and where it comes from. Additionally, there is an emerging need to reconnect with nature and escape from the urban environment.

Solution target group

The target group of our SmartPOT is composed of individuals or families with a medium-high income due to the premium features of the product. Furthermore, they live in cities, show strong interest in gardening and in growing their own vegetables. They are also active, adventurous and curious about knowing more about nature’s cycle. However, they lack time and knowledge, which matches perfectly with the interactive-active teaching approach of the SmartPOT. 

Solution impact

Our solution will reach citizens all over the world. Circular and green economy, public events and scientifical projects that have taken place recently show how many people actually want to take care of the sustainability of environment and life. 

Solution tweet text

Save, transform, learn and repeat!

Solution innovativeness

We were inspired by existing composters and we developed them in a circular and automatic home gardening system. How is this system different than traditional composters and home gardening systems? The automatic sensors will continuously monitor the moisture content and light intensity of the environment, upon requirement, it will also send you a notification regarding watering and other requirements.

The main innovative technical features are:

  • Modern monitoring sensors (humidity, temperature, nutrients)
  • Full dedicate and integrate app
  • Constant remote monitoring and control (optional integration with a webcam)

SmartPOT innovations will develop a modern and more mature/engaging approach to growing fruit and vegetable, app support in the understanding of the compost formation/generation inserting what you are using for compost, understanding amount of CO2 saved, constant support by the app at the beginning and during the processes). Switch from functional to experience/educational and strongly highlight the educational part that will allow custumers to:

  • understand recycling and additional value of our waste (following the transformation process)
  • understand the complexity behind fruit/veg production chain
  • understand the fruit and vegetable seasonality and their bond to a determinate area/temperature 
  • understand the circularity and life cycle of plants


Solution transferability

We think the SmartPOT could be attractive for individuals and families who are sensible to circularity, sustainability, climate changes or just want have fun and learn something about, ecosystems, plants and food. Nevertheless, the SmartPOT could be adapted to science school/ University projects as an open-air laboratory, in fact more composter and pot modules could combine in proportion to available space and consumer’s needs. Moreover, sensors and functions could be customized.

Solution sustainability

Our product is based on a simple but efficient idea and it will require small capital investment to get started with. The initial investment costs will be expecially linked to the development of the SmartPOT support app. For this step we woul like to involved universities as active partners. Moreover the target group can be later extended for schools and universities expanding SmartPOT market.

Solution team work

As a team, we worked well together. We were a very diverse team regarding our expertise, and almost organically we seem to maximize the use of our expertise. At the beginning we start from an early good idea and with all members contribution, we developed it in a concrete project. So, in dividing the work and thinking up solutions, we were able to benefit from what everyone could bring to the table.

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