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The Teacher's Toolbox by Team MEYSA

An online platform for teachers to create and share serious games for education

Team members
Aarthi Sundaram; Sahiti Sarva; Yingju Chen ; Meysa Boers; Eduardo Diaz Torre Sanchez
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Solution description

Two main functions of the platform:

A) Creating own game. 1) Teacher uses selection criteria(e. g. number of players, time it takes to play, number of levels) 2) Teacher introduces content 3) Platform creates game (based on existing game templates).

B )Using a game designed by another teacher. It can be used as it is or it can be modified. Previous users (both teachers and students) rate games.

-The game is delivered digitally.

Solution context

 -Creating a serious educational game takes a lot of time.

-Teachers have little time.

-Available solutions that allow teachers to create games are:

-Very limited

-Rigid: just one way to play

-Too difficult to use

Solution target group

Teachers who want to use a game to educate their students but have limited time to create it. Can also be used in university setting

Solution impact

-The game is delivered digitally.

-Board can be projected on any surface.

-Cards: can be downloaded into student’s smartphones.

-“Physical” parts of the game (dice, tokens): can be bought via our platform or use your own.

How it enhances digital education?

-Blended Learning: digital board and cards, physical tokens and face-to-face student interaction.

-Highly customizable.

Solution tweet text

Online Platform. Toolbox to create games easily and rapidly. Based on existing games. Board/cards are digital + Played face-to-face = blended learning. Open source. Sharing. Game ratings and feedback.

Solution innovativeness

Highly customizable: can choose type of game: competitive/collaborative, # of players, # of levels.

-Provides building blocks to create game.

-Students and teachers rate games and give feedback.

Solution transferability

-Can be used to test different subjects (math, geography, chemistry).

-Can be used at different educational levels (secondary, university).

-If teacher in country x creates a certain game, any teacher from any part of the world can use it.

-Not only for education but also for a business setting: used by company trainers

Solution sustainability

-Collaborate with research labs across the world to add their research games into the portal

-Network effects: large community of teachers using/creating games.

-Explore live collaboration functionalities for active creators in the teacher community and expanding available resources: templates, visuals etc. And creating a complete curriculum out of games so teachers can choose to replace any part of a lesson they want.

Solution team work

-We got along very good. We had fun and enjoyed the process.

-Our strengths and backgrounds complemented.

-Conflicts were solved in a respectful way.

-We would love to continue working together as a team in this or other idea!

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