Urban Cycle Hub

Urban Cycle Hub

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a practical solution but also for social inclusion

UCH is a low cost/high value solution for building multimodal bike parking hubs in cities of all dimensions. UCH meets urban needs: social, infrastructural, bike parking (short and long term), bike sharing, bike repair, intermodality, specific commuting needs,sustainability, business.


Team: RD Cycle Solution

Team members

Renato Moro - Dilip kumbham - Niccolò Minotti - Adnan Cangir

Members roles and background

Renato Moro - Project designer, Dilip kumbham - coworker, Niccolò Minotti - coworker, Adnan Cangir - coworker

Contact details

Renato Moro, resilien@gmail.com, r.moro@pec.archrm.it ; Niccolò Minotti niccolo.minotti@gmail.com;

Solution description

UCH allows the redefinition of urban mobility through multi purpose, disseminated bike hubs. The structure is simple, low space consuming, sustainable and self sustaining through solar panels. UCH envisages modular spaces around the concept of bike park: secured, digitally accessible bike park for long term bike parking, open short term bike parking, safe and self cleaning facilities for responding to commuter needs (toilets, laundry), business areas (restaurants, bars), bike friendly facilities (cycle shops, reparing rooms and tools). UCH is open to use in its free access areas, while asks for monthly/annual subscription for digitally accessible areas (closed parking, commuting facilities). UCH is thought as a facility that is adopted and advanced by its same subscribed users, who will be the main promoters and carers of the hub. UCH is key for multimodal transportation and the location follows the main transportation hotspots in the city.

Solution context

UCH responds to increasing commuting needs and multimodal transportation. UCH solves parking, safety, infrastructural issues that daily commuters face.

Solution target group

daily commuters, bike commuters, multi modal commuters, neighborhood dwellers

Solution impact

 UCH is a low-space consuming and low carbon footprint facility.which uses modern solutions such as being composed of sustainable and natural materials (wood, iron) being energetically independent (transparent solar panels) being able to be a reference point for the neighborhood in terms of hospitality and inclusion but also a capable place to be an opportunity for employment and work (shops, commercial activities, advertising)

Solution tweet text

UCH is a multi-faceted, modular bike park solution for urban multimodal commuters and bike to work enthusiasts

Solution innovativeness

UCH is an easy to build, low space consuming and highly adaptable framework to create displaced bike hubs in connection with transportation hotspots, responding to any type of commuters’ needs

Solution transferability

 UCH can be adapted to any city in any part of the world, thanks to its easy to build composite structure and modular design

Solution sustainability

UCH is a self sustaining facility with solar panels and certified wooden structure.

Solution team work

the team worked smoothly and passionately around the idea, proposing solutions from each point of view. The team was cross-continental and views from Italy, India and Turkey were put together.


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