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Urban Fermentation is a startup that produces and sells fermented foods and drinks using edible food waste.

Fermento urbano
Team members
Caterina Brossa, Sofia Eleonora D'Angelo, Luca Lotterio, Nicolò Pistone, Pier Lorenzo Pistone.
Members roles and background

Caterina Brossa, Financial Manager - Background: Business Administration.

Sofia Eleonora D'Angelo, Brand Identity Manager - Background: Modern Philology

Luca Lotterio, Growth Hacker - Background: Occupational Psychology

Nicolò Pistone, Comunication Strategist - Background: Philosophy of Food and Wine

Pier Lorenzo Rolando, Product Developer - Background: Food Safety and Control

Contact details

Solution description

Our solution will create a product-based society focused on education to fermentation processes culture as a tool to save edible food waste through a digital, creative and innovative communication.

Starting by the most traditional sales places, the urban markets, we will move throughout a lean startup development based on a data driven approach. 

We want to be part of the global revolution of food innovation and production, core vision of EIT Food.

Solution context

- Edible food waste: 1.3 billions tons get lost or wasted every year, it means 1/3 of the global food production.

- Fermentation: even if fermentation is one of the oldest and easiest way for food preserving, in most of Western countries there is a limited shared culture about it.

- Urban markets need innovation: many projects in the past years worked on creating innovation for social and economic development around urban markets, eg. Urban markets, Central markets (a European three-year project).

Solution target group

People who wants to contribute saving foods from waste and being part of a positive and innovative change. People will be affected by an improvement of knowledge about fermentation and their consciousness about food waste will grow.

Solution impact

To buy Urban Fermentation means be part of a movement of social impact based on purchasing products that contribute fighting food waste. In the meantime it’s a way to create awareness about fermentation in the popular culture, giving people the knowledge to be able to save part of their own food waste. The decision to be both available in urban markets and e-commerce is to be part of a rediscovery of markets as an engine for the development of social and technological innovation.

Solution tweet text

Urban Fermentation is a startup that produces and sells fermented foods and drinks using edible food waste.

Solution innovativeness

Our competitive advantage is to be in a niche market that will exponentially grow in the next years. Our society is not just a retail company but it is being part of a positive social impact, with a recognized and identified brand. It goes over the industrial selling companies being an educational project to aware people about reducing food waste. 

Our competitors can be EatenAlive, Cibofficina di Carlo Nesler, Life Way, Bongiorno, Bionade.

Solution transferability

Our products should move as well on a B2B market selling to specific boutiques and restaurants. We want develop as well training courses, new products lines based on products seasonability and waste variability, and create a digital communities around fermentation culture.

Solution sustainability

We will surely constitute as a startup after a relevant validation market, developing an useful MVP with the support of FFF funds. Then thanks to a seed of around 300K we will go to market starting from Turin with a laboratory and physical presence in 6 urban markets.

Solution team work

We are actually working together on a project involved in marketing strategies for quality agrifood. We come from different backgrounds: business administration, food technologies, modern philology and philosophy of food.

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