Urban Mobility Erasmus

Urban Mobility Erasmus

Our challenge, your solutions

“The solutions already exist let's share them in action"

The problem we are facing is lack of imagination and actionable experience from all levels of local governments. We see a very rapid positive change when a personal experience from another city is gained. We propose a foreign exchange programme for personel in municipal governing positions. 


Team: Urban Laab

Team members

Roman Meliška, Vojtěch Benedikt, Marek Lahoda, Lubomir Fridrich

Members roles and background

Roman Meliška - micromobility guru
Vojtěch Benedikt - sustainable urban development geek
Marek Lahoda - political pioneer
Lubomir Fridrich - cargo bike enthusiast, founder of CARGIO

Contact details

Roman Meliška (tw: @happy_roman), Vojtěch Benedikt (tw: @vojetechb), Marek Lahoda (tw: @MarekLahoda, mara.lahoda@gmail.com), Lubomir Fridrich (tw: @luba_z_mesta)

Solution description

We see that the biggest barrier in implementing great cycling infrastructure is often the lack of imagination, the ability to see cycling as transport mode. We try to invent an exchange program that would incentivise mayors and officials to look for internships in other european cities. These internships would last from one to eight weeks during which participants get hands-on experience from other countries, cities and cultural, political and legislative backgrounds.

Solution context

Lack of imagination, lack of ability to see cycling as a genuine (widely applicable) transport mode for everyone. Cycling is still seen as a political question for debate. But the scientific knowledge and experience from most developed countries already shows that there is nothing more to discuss. There is no question whether we should build a separated safe cycling infrastructure. We should see creation of cycling infrastructure as simple as fixing leaking water supply network.

Solution target group

Mayors and city transport officials

Solution impact


  • Positive perception of sustainable urban mobility

  • Distributed knowledge

  • Transport planning from political question ? daily routine


  • Number of participating cities ?

  • Number of internships

  • Participating vs. non-participating municipalities: km’s of implemented infrastructure



Solution tweet text

Erasmus Urban Mobility is a knowledge exchange programme for local councils! “The solutions already exist let's share them in action”

Solution innovativeness

Municipalities already exchange experience to some extent. However, this exchange happens only scarcely - on bilateral terms on the basis of “Partner cities”. Our innovation lies in creating of european database of cities interested in exchange of urban mobility experience and ideas for transformation towards sustainability. This systematic approach together with financial support from the Erasmus programme and patronage by the EU will ensure broader access to knowledge and motivation for key stakeholders and innovation leaders.

Solution transferability

Our solution can be surely easily transferred and used in other areas of society. Apart from urban mobility, it can be the education sector, environment protection or others.

Solution sustainability

To ensure participation, credits are given for every individual internship. These credits are later viewed as advantageous in EU subsidy distribution.

Solution team work

We already know each other and cooperate on the national level for over a year. It would be great to develop our idea further together with the ECF and propose it to European Commission.

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