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How can learning be made more  engaging & empowering for modern day youth at the University

Team members
Grace Kihato, Sean Rambo Ojwang, Adams Wonderboy, Ile Ashikhube Nakitare, Abhinashdeep Singh Bhmbra,Matthew Mbelenga
Members roles and background

Students at Riara University

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Solution description

Virtual Teaching Assistant (VTA) is a gaming interface meant to provide the learner with a practical learning space. The student is able to engage with the practical aspect of  learning through  challenges within the game, apply the theoretical knowledge acquired in class in a virtual practical space provided for by the game. E.g. A medical student engaging with cadaver within the game and the necessary tools to perform various medical procedures, an Engineering student engaging with all kinds of machines within the game so as to enhance their versatility and understanding, a law student in a virtual reality level- mooting with individuals from other countries elevating the costs incurred in travel expenses among other fields of studies or degrees. Moreover, this game shall be limited to what is required within the course so as not to serve the student with general knowledge but rather a wholesome and valid learning space.

The Game is embedded with

As through all this the student’s success is boosted both by the game and engagement with their lecturers.

Pecuniary income will be through a 2% charge on each student’s total fees within each semester of study in a school making it equal, economical and scalable to all persons. This shall serve as the benefits to the inventors herein as well as the investors that shall partner with us for success.

Solution context

What is the problem you are facing?

The problem being faced is the lack of interest by the in their studies.

What is the challenge that you are solving?

The challenge being solved is the lack of engagement in the various areas of study by the youth.

Solution target group

Who is the target group for your solution?

The solution basically targets the learners from as low as primary school  all the way to university and also the teachers and lecturers in the same areas.

Who will this solution affect and how?

The solution will affect the students and their teachers in the sense that it will change the general perception that learning can only go on in class and not In other settings and more specifically by the use of games.

Who will this solution affect and how? How will they benefit?

They will benefit since the teachers will have a better method in which they can give the students a practical approach to their studies while the students also stand a chance of benefitting since they will be able to study using a more engaging approach which will also enhance validity.

Solution impact

What is the impact of your solution?

We envision our solution will provide students a platform where they will play an work at the same time while learning. Our game will aim to tap more into the students creative and visual side of their brain, exercise it to be able to think more holistically

How do you measure it?

Blockchain technology will provide lectures or teachers with the ability to view the progress of the students within the levels (Lecturer and Year one Students etc.) and access their weaknesses based on the difficulty encountered by the student in applying the knowledge within the game and hence better involvement between the student and the teacher as the lecturer pinpoints the students’ weakness and forms a solution on how to help the student.

Solution tweet text

Virtual Teaching Assistant (VTA) is a gaming interface meant to provide the learner with a practical learning space. The student is able to engage with the practical aspect of learning through the challenges within the game, apply the theoretical knowledge acquired in class

Solution innovativeness

The core difference in our solution is that other games that have already been built, are for entertainment purposes, Whereby, our game is for educational purposes. It is more in depth detailed towards a particular course.

Can anything similar be found on the market?

To the best of our research and belief, no one has ever introduced such an idea before to educate students.

How innovative is it?

Solution transferability

Can your solution be used in other contexts?

Yes, within other levels of learning e.g. Primary Education and Even High-School education. Moreover upon growth we can partner with companies like NASA in creating such an interface for the astronaut- this is to mean that- upon success with our target market- we can touch on other industries in similar fashion as exampled in the latter.

What parts of it can be applied to other context?

The whole gaming experience, by creating an interface that applies to those contexts making it advantageous in its application all through.

Solution sustainability

To have our School- Riara University as the first testing ground or other neighbouring schools, or where appropriate school’s within other countries where the data collected shall serve as proof to investors within the first year. This shall promote the release of the product into the market within all schools where the 2% charging fee shall apply to every student as ealier indicated.

We estimate a mid-term growth through the application of this product within universities and school within Africa working with the patent life span of the product (e.g In Kenya 5 Years), there after launch the product to other neighbouring continents for growth making this long-term.

Solution team work

As a team we worked fairly well together. We all had our individual strengths and weaknesses and all of us knowing eachother it was easier for us to balance tasks between ourselves

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