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VR simulator of stressful situation

Our VR simulator can help children with communication and sociability problems using simulating of conflict simulations

Members roles and background

Subkhangulova - presentation maker, idea generator, photoshop user

Mogutova - leader, idea generator, unity user,  photoshop user

Balchugova - idea generator, researcher, figma user

Roganova - idea generator, researher, translator, ui

Contact details

Solution description

Overcoming stress in a virtual reality format. Pupils receive psychological assistance in a comfortable environment under the supervision of a specialist.

If school psychologist notices a pupil has communication problems, them directs pupil to the special counselling centers. The psychologist has a conversation with the pupil, more accurately identifying the problem. Then the pupil is invited to use simulated version of this situation. This is necessary because the pupil must know what they can and what should be done when a similar situation arises. For not leaving the child
alone with his problem, there is a virtual assistant that will reduce the pupil’s stress level.
Because of the effect of total immersion, the child is carried away by the process and successfully overcome the stressful situation.

Solution context

Pupils often fall into situations with the severe psychological influence. Humiliation by classmates, fear of a teacher, domestic violence, fear of telling their problems.
Background stress negatively affects efficiency and interferes with harmonious development.

Solution target group

Pupils with sociability issues. In the future we also want to use our application to help adults. 

Solution impact

We expect decreasing level of stress or overcoming it

Solution tweet text

A VR application which helps pupils with sociability issues to overcome or at least decrease their stress

Solution innovativeness

Using mix of psychological assistance, exploration of virtual helper and interactive simulation of conflict situations.

Solution transferability

An application can be used in both special counselling centers and schools. Also it can be used for students and other adults in the future for developing communication skills

Solution sustainability

Bullying in school, domestic violence and sociability issues are neverending problems, so there always will be pupils who need help

Solution team work

Our team work was excellent, but we needed a good programmer as well. We will continue work as a team with pleasure.


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