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WeShare is an App to share food close to expiring and to educate people on the issue of food waste. We do it through dinners where people bring their ingredients and cook together to avoid throwing them. Entertainment is granted by our App with quiz and videos to learn new facts on food waste

Team members
Silvia Airoldi, Federica Perotto, Noemi Capelli, Alessandro Cicerale
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Solution description

Our solution is an App that links households, having ingredients close to expiration date, to organize social dinners. Each user creates a profile either as a Host (who provides the location for the dinner) or Guest specifying personal information, GPS location, dietary info (e.g. vegan, allergies etc.). Moreover, after doing the shopping, users can scan the barcode and photograph the expiring date of products bought and upload data into the app to create a “pantry”. Via the App, a Host creates an invitation to dinner, setting: n° of people, his ingredient going to waste, other ingredients needed (e.g. meat, vegetables, flour etc.), dinner “theme” (e.g. Italian, ethnic, meat-free etc.). The App matches the other suitable ingredients close to the Host and sends to their owners an invitation: the firsts who accept become guests and should bring to dinner their food going to waste. Once at the Host’s place all ingredients are revealed and participants activate the App to look for a recipe to cook. The entertainment for the night is provided by our App with educational tools such as short videos and games/quiz that are aimed at beginning the discussion on food waste, sharing mutual knowledge on best practices and tips among guests, teaching new skills and insights to guests on how to be more circular and sustainable, how to make a more conscious shopping, new recipes to cook with food waste etc. After joining the dinner participants leave a review on each other and on the night. Moreover, they acquire points through the games/quiz and increase their % of new knowledge on circularity and sustainability.

Solution context

We are facing the urgent problem of food waste caused by households in urban cities. Private individuals are brought to buy more food than the quantity they need driven by: abundance of purchasing options, astonishing promotions at supermarkets, spoiled habits (wanting to eat what is desired and not what we have) . We want to avoid households throwing away food that can still be valuable and worth and to create a community to share best practices.

Solution target group

Our target group is urban citizens, aged 25-40, who have a developed food culture (they do the shopping, like to eat well and perhaps to cook) and a sensitivity towards improving their circular behaviors and sustainability of the food system

Solution impact

With WeShare we combine several aspects: giving a second chance to food that would end in the trash, raising awareness on the problem of food waste and irrational shopping with the educational tools of the App, giving a platform to meet each other to like-minded people with a sensitivity towards circular economy and the issue of food waste. The impact will be exponential once our customers spread and advertise WeShare to their friends and families, so that we can reach as many urban citizens as possible and increase the city’s circularity.

We plan as further development of WeShare to create sponsorships with local shops in the city that have features like selling organic products, with short and mapped supply chain, zero waste shops etc. These shops will offer complementary ingredients useful to improve the success of the dinner. Moreover we plan to establish partnerships with shops/caterings with surplus of food, which will sell us their excess (avoiding costs of disposal) we can give our customers as extra ingredients for their dinners

Solution tweet text

There it is, in your fridge, close to expire, no idea how to use it… But hey, don’t you dare to throw it away! Use WeShare to invite consumers just like you for a conscious dinner and learn more about food circularity in a fun way. Curious? Just download our App and be ready to r

Solution innovativeness

Some similar Apps already exist (like Olio) but WeShare is original because we have introduced the educational aspect. This is essential for our company mission since we want to create a network of conscious people and to increase circularity of cities in a tangible way. It is innovative because we use digital technologies (App, “e-learning” videos, quiz and games, database to create recipes with a set of ingredients, tool to match people according to different ingredients and needs, social media, fundraising etc.).

Solution transferability

Our solution is transferable since it is enough to expand the App to any city in the world that may want to join the WeShare business idea. Moreover the idea of creating social events like dinners, with the guidance of an App to share knowledge between conscious consumers, can be applied to educate on basically every relevant discussion topic.

Solution sustainability

In a 3-months period we plan to launch on the market a finished version of the App with the following business model: the download will be free, as the participation to the first dinner which is offered as trial. Afterwards users will subscribe for a monthly membership priced 1,99€ (and discounted annual subscription). In the long term, once the first results are reached, we will expand out business model to include sponsorships and partnerships with shops as additional revenue streams. We plan to reach 500 customers in 6-months.

Solution team work

It was a challenge for us because we didn’t know each other before the hackathon, therefore we had a short time to develop our idea and dive into it. However, we worked very well. Coming from different backgrounds (economics, philosophy, political science) gave us more perspectives and enriched our final outcome.

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