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Healthspan calculator and life style coach

Am I eating healthy? Exercising enough? Epidemiology is the proper ways to answer to these question provided that people can digest some basic statistical concept. We envision a portal that will guide the user to the answers he is looking for while increasing is awareness of risk management.

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Team members
Umberto Case, Francesco Cerio, Stefano Faieta, Antonello Lorenzini e Francesco Mollica
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Solution description

We proposed a coaching platform that will be reached by users interest in improving their life style. The platform will ask the user to fill some or all the modules available (general health, diet quality, level of physical activity, etc.) and after each module is completed, it will offer a heath score measured in term of healthy life years accompanied by educational messages in the form of short scripts, images or video. This represent the first level of the educational output toward increasing awareness of health related risks. The meaning of this design will be to drive-in the users, by a step by step approach, to look into their habits while proposing possible improvements together by offering targeted insurance policy specific for their needs. The platform is modular and its modules are realized by experts of every single scientific field in conjunction with teams of university students. This represents the second layer of education that the application will achieve: challenging students to take a direct approach to the science of risk. The core system will be designed with an open-source and modular approach. This allows the building of a multidisciplinary framework since multiple aspects of the personal and social environment are able to affect significantly health span.

Solution context

With the increasing life span of the population, people are increasing their awareness of the diseases that are accompanying a long life span; consequently, it is increasing the interest toward prevention. Evidence based modern therapies have achieved great results but their cost is challenging national health systems. The implementation of effective prevention strategies and improved risk management solutions are consequently becoming mandatory.

The outputs that the calculator will provide will be based on the most recent available large-scale epidemiological reports and trusted databases of evidence based medicine. The platform will include a forum were criticism and suggestions can be provided by user allowing improvement of the algorithm and updating reference data used in the estimations. The algorithm itself and all reference data used will be always openly disclosed.

On the contrary, personal data will be maintained in the system only previous consent to allow the user to implement his profile with more information in following sessions. Following specific consent, and in an anonymous and aggregate form, data will be used for scientific purposes.

Solution target group

In our solution, as a scale system, the target we will initially be focused on, it is represented by people between 19 and 70 years old. From the data obtained by the initial target, the information could be further expanded to other categories of people who could get potential benefit by the functionalities of our system.

Taking advantage of the scientific data collected by the researchers, the users can have suggestions to improved their life style, using A.I. algorithms to collect and working on the data machine learning to focus on the weak points of their life style.

Solution impact

Our solution will make people aware of their life style in respect to average values of the reference population with manifold advantages:

1- Improving individual life style regarding health.

2- The continuous acquisition of data from wearable devices (that could be directly connected with the portal) will stimulate that market and enlarge the data available for the artificial intelligence algorithm used to elaborate the suggested best practices.

2- As a consequence from the first point above, improving society health globally.

3- Achieving awareness regarding health related risks.

3- Getting to know the available insurance solutions more suitable for each person needs.

4-  Overall reduction of government sustained health cost.

5- With a more utilized insurance coverage the health expenses will be more homogenously distributed.

Solution tweet text

A health span and coach AI based calculator for improving awareness of personal health and related risks. The user will interact with the platform and learn about ways to improved its health together with the most appropriate insurance coverage tailored on its needs.

Solution innovativeness

Moved by the desire to know more about its personal health it is the individual user and not the insurance that is moving the first step to learn more about health, health improvement and risk quantification and management.

Solution transferability

The modular design will allow the platform to be adapted for different culture while basing its calculations on the most appropriate datasets.

The initial development will be sustained by public fund (European, National etc). The platform will growth as modules are build and its usage will spread since it will be recognized by the users thank to its scientific and unbiased approach. Commercial entity should be partners. Its use will spread because it is answering a widespread need of knowledge and facilitate prevention.

Solution sustainability

The initial development will be sustained by public fund (European, National etc). The platform will growth as modules are build and its usage will spread since it will be recognized by the users thank to its scientific and unbiased approach. Its use will spread because it is answering a widespread need of knowledge. Commercial entity will be partners. Their investment return will be visible as the platform usage is growing.

Solution team work

We have collaborated in a productive way each one contributing with ideas and suggestions. We enjoyed the challenge and the provided environment. We have learn interesting new concepts from the morning speakers, all the tutors and from each of us.

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