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WondAR - lessons should remain consistent across all medium

A teacher addressing her class without knowing her students’ private names creates a poor experience, whether online or offline.

We provide an on-premises at class solution that serves the teacher to be familiarized with her students.

Additional layers of information empower teachers further. 

Members roles and background

Reuben Bareli - Entrepreneur

Itay Bareli - Student

Elizabeth Katz - Entrepreneur.

Contact details

Solution description



Augmented Synchronized Remote Teaching Experience


While watching a classroom, the teacher has selected layers of data per each of the students, allowing her to better navigate the lesson and its content.





Solution context

Teachers today are a very scarce resource.


There are many scenarios where a remote teacher is engaged with a classroom full of studetns, that she has very little knowledge of.


We turn the teacher from a gruest, friendly stranger to a well-informed professional

Solution target group

Any Remote teacher that wants to engage with his remote classroom.

Here is Israel we have such scenarios, where rural schools find it very difficult to hire teachers at different subjects, especially with STEM



Solution impact


A teacher addressing her class without knowing her students’ private names creates a poor experience, whether online or offline.


Our Solution bring the remote classroom to the same level of experince as traditional classroom.

Solution tweet text

The way teachers present their lessons should remain consistent across all channels.

Solution innovativeness

Private system, on-premise installation, Augmented layers of data selected by the teacher to view.



Solution transferability

Distributing the solution is easy and very affordable

Solution sustainability

Requires very little space, and very straight forward installation

Solution team work

Reuben Bareli, Itay Bareli, Elizabeht Katz


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