Zeleno: Too bad to throw

Zeleno: Too bad to throw

Our challenge, your solutions

Give a second life to your food waste.

Use Zeleno to keep track of all the foods in your refrigerator, in this way it will help you to prevent them from expiring, but even when they are no longer good to eat you can still use them to create objects or create a very useful fertilizer.


Team: Zeleno’s Team

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Solution description

Our final product is an application that educates the user on how to store his products, how long he can keep them, and when they have perished, what they can do with it: give them a second life instead of increasing the household food waste.

Solution context

The problem of global pollution has effectively become a threat to the livability of the earth. The paradigm of the linear economy, in which the fate of each product was the inevitable abandonment, to then be changed with a new purchase needs to be modified in favour of a more sustainable one. The circular economy is the solution, particularly in the case of food to try to reduce the amount of food wasted

Solution target group

Our target group are off-site students, young parents and psychographics (food waste sensitive, willing to get into action)

Solution impact

Reducing household wastage has two main positive effects. The first one is for the planet, it will lead to a reduction of greenhouse gases and of course all that is related to the transport of waste, counted in thousands of tons. Secondly, the consumer has not finished discovering all the good things that can be done by taking such actions. He will be able to save money thanks to our application by reusing products that he did not even know the second use of, linked to that he will increase his knowledge in this field and change his eating habits. And finally, more psychological effects, he will be able to be part of a ecological sensible community, and finally, we all know the heartbreak that comes from throwing away a piece of bread, so by not doing so, his mental health will unconsciously get better.

Solution tweet text

Tired of wasting food? It’s time for actions! So come and discover our new app that will show and explain to you how you can transform your food waste into some useful materials, fertilizer and even more.

Solution innovativeness

Our innovation allows us to raise consumers’ awareness of the environment that surrounds him. Thanks to this new mobile application, through the use of digital tools, the consumer can learn more about the food he eats but not only, but he will also learn how to reuse all the elements that he usually throws away. He will be able to transform them himself so that he can use them for the benefit of his own home. By this commitment, he will raise his awareness and even impact the new generations, his children.

Solution transferability

With this application, the consumer will be able to reuse all the elements of non-consumed foods to give them a second life. In a rapidly changing world, we know that electronic devices have a short life span, due to increasingly shorter obsolescence. We can therefore create another app that focuses on how to reuse electronic materials instead of throwing them away, teach the customer how to recognise and collect elements that are not necessarily broken, and finally assemble them to create a new object or give it to a professional so that he can do it properly for them, and the consumer will get a new electronic device at a lower price, instead of letting it perish in our mother nature.

Solution sustainability

We will modify it as we receive feedback from our customers. We would then like to develop a website, and even adapt it to emerging technologies, such as virtual reality, to offer a total immersion to our client's education. In the long term, we would like to collaborate with like-minded developers to make the final product even more diverse and varied

Solution team work

As a team, we followed these guidelines: helping the other sharing ideas and experience, facing problem through discussion and, most importantly, sharing ideas and experience

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