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A focused space to SHARE ideas globally and ACT on a local level

An online platform that promotes education and innovation, as well as allowing businesses and people to connect and act collaboratively towards common goals regarding Urban Food Circularity.


Team: Team 9

Team members

Sofia Sacco Stevanella, Ray Lesterhuis, Malte Gramann, Arturo Jáuregui

Members roles and background

Sofia Sacco Stevanella: Student of International Food & Beverage at ESCP Turin, Graduated in Economics and Master in Marketing and Communications at University of Venice

Ray Lesterhuis: Student of International Food & Beverage at ESCP Turin, Graduated in International Business at KU Leuven.

Malte Gramann: Student of International Food & Beverage at ESCP Turin, Graduated in Business Administration at Freie Universität Berlin, Trained Chef (Kempinski Hotel Bristol Berlin)

Arturo Jáuregui: Student of International Food & Beverage at ESCP Turin, Graduated in Chemical Engineering at Tecnológico de Monterrey. 

Contact details

Solution description

ZeroWasteWeb is a platform to connect with different actors locally and share educational content about food circularity globally. It enhances digital education by providing a focused environment where people and businesses can share ideas and information about food circularity. We plan to measure its success by its numbers of active users, contribution to business relationships, and reduction of the costs of food waste thanks to partnerships created on our platform. Actors can benefit by connecting and reducing their costs generated from food waste, engaging with other consumers who care about initatives regarding sustainablity and circular economy, as well as achieving economies of scale thanks to partnerships.

Solution context

The problem we are facing is that is that local communities play a major role in the global increase of food waste, and don't have the right tools to effectively collaborate, engage and share their knowledge with each other.

With ZeroWasteWeb we enable interested individuals who are curious about finding out more about food circularity in their community to act and share educational content regarding solutions and ideas.

Solution target group

Interested individuals who are curious about finding out more about food circularity in their community, small businesses who want to find better solutions regarding food waste and supply chain. 


Solution impact

Consumers and businesses will be positively impacted by allowing them to connect, foster efficiency, reduce food waste, create a community and educate other consumers and businesses. Our impact could be measured by user engagement, as well as by the outcome of the initatives generated in our platform.

Solution tweet text

Find the right partner and collaborate to reduce food waste and create a more circular economy business in order to satisfy customer needs of sustainable, healthy and less expensive products offered by a sustainable and successful network.

Solution innovativeness

Our competitive advantage is that we act on a glocal level which educates in a global scale and also fosters projects and collaboration regarding food circularity on a local level.

Similar platforms currently available are LinkedIn, which only provides a space to connect but its not focused on food circularity.

Our solution is innovative because it's the first glocal online community focused on solving issues regarding food circularity.


Solution transferability

Our solution could be easily transfered to other countries, and contexts of use such as sustainabilty and social issues.

Solution sustainability

In the beginning the platform will be set on an initial region, as it partner network grows it will be expanded to other regions. Once a critical mass of users has been achieved we could develop further functions, organize event series, and add premium subscriptions with extra content for super engaged users.

Solution team work

We initially struggled to find the right idea, but after some brainstorming this idea engaged all of us because of its feasibilty, flexibilty and scalabilty. Once our thoughts were pointed on the same direction we quickly developed a solution for the challenge. Even if our backgrounds and origins are so different we could continue collaborating in the future!

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