Educators Lounge by Team 8

Educators Lounge by Team 8

Educators Lounge, a secured & safe platform for educators to share best practices, frameworks and content in an organized way.

This is the last stretch of DigiEduHack 2020! We conducted a series of interviews to shine the light on the members of the 12 teams taking part in this final round of DigiEduHack and get to know their aspirations, motivations and hopes. Let's meet with Team 8!   

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Hello Team 8! How does it feel to be among the finalists of DigiEduHack 2020?

It was a great surprise, that we did not expected. It’s very exiting insine feeling how far our idea came. We are all looking forward to last couple of days to know the winners.

Tell us more about the team: did you meet on the spot or did you know from before?

For all of us it was first experience with hackathon. Most of us did not know each other, except 2 members. Our team has good diversity. Some members where with school teaching background, some form where from business or had couching experience.  

How did you organize your team: each team member had a precise role or were you all hands-on the project?

We worked very good as a team, especially because we all have different backgrounds which complimented each other perfectly. Taking advantage of every member’s strengths and supporting each other as needed, we managed to achieve a good result even though we had never met before this hackathon. Through the day we mostly worked together, the last hour before presentation we divided our roles and tasks.

What was the team's epiphany moment? When did you realise "yes, we've got it"?

When we set down the way, how we will present our project “live afternoon schoolteacher preparation” – we thought it’s pretty cool.

Do you think your solution could work worldwide? Can it be adapted to very different contexts?

By design the platform is intended for education professionals in Czech Republic, but other interested users (such as parents and students) are also encouraged to explore and participate. It could work for any country in adjusted models. Uploaded materials can be held as private, shared openly, or shared with selected individuals. The design of this platform can be easily adopted to any other profession or topic of interest especially those willing to share ideas and collaborate, such as design, photography, cooking etc. Although the original implementation is open source based, where information is shared for free, a monetisation layer can be implemented with some effort, where creators can sell their creations instead. This addition can widen the scope of such a platform to other areas where professionals might not be inclined to share their work for free. During the workshop we could already see a high interest about the solution from mentors coming from both the public and private sectors. It is evident that there is a market opportunity for such a service as it would both facilitate the work of educators as well as contribute to the better delivery of education.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your solution?

The main advantage of the idea for teachers is everything in one place, living platform, Educators Lounge – Self learning Network of teachers and education materials repository. The platform, where they can permanently download files, sort them into folders, create my own materials, search for topics, follow inspiring colleagues, chat in rooms or open new discussion forums. Place of sharing, searching according to subject, topic, key words, relevant materials. Teachers spare their time for lesson preparation. They share and I see if somebody downloads and spare time to my colleagues. Community of inspiring teachers, I can consult if I don’t know. Better than Facebook, where I loose history and I cannot sort materials. Community naturally excludes trolls, irrelevant and arrogant contributor with suspicious materials. The weaknesses of the project we see in these points: Regarding to teachers: How to catch, motivate and engage teacher to participate? Their digital equipment and digital skills of the community Regarding the materials: Relevance, Error rate, Reputation (reluctance to evaluate, time consuming) Regarding IT development, IT maintenance: Application capacity to contain thousands of users, their materials, videos etc. Don’t get lost in information chaos.

If you're one of the three global winners, what are your next steps going to be?

We would like to collect backbone schools and teachers to start to participate and develop starting platform for sharing experiences. Maybe to start with 2 schools connected good be a good idea.

Do you already have an idea on how to make your solution become real?

To do whole idea seems to be very complex and IT demanded. We should start with an easy application for chatting rooms and good sorting possibilities for materials.

What would you tell potential voters to make them cast their vote for your solution?

It’s a great idea for better education. Educators Lounge represents the social media platform to meet fellow education professionals, where they can share their ideas to inspire and be inspired in return. The innovation aspect lies in creating a specialised crowd-sourced solution. The idea is to empower users to upload and share original content, making it available to other peers, who can use it as is, or continue to build on it, further enriching the library of resources. The platform is a blend of several digital tools such as digital boards, editable templates and discussion forums that elevate social collaboration to promote interaction between users and encourage them to share more, quality resources.

Could you give us a quote or a quick take-away?

Educators Lounge – the social media platform to meet fellow education professionals, share your ideas to inspire and be inspired in return.

Anything you'd like to add?

Nothing to add!

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