EduSex by Believe

EduSex by Believe

EduSex, an age-adapted edtech serious game aiming at making comprehensive sexual education more accessible to all learners.

This is the last stretch of DigiEduHack 2020! We conducted a series of interviews to shine the light on the members of the 12 teams taking part in this final round of DigiEduHack and get to know their aspirations, motivations and hopes. Let's meet with the team Believe!   

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Hello Believe! How does it feel to be among the finalists of DigiEduHack 2020?

We are proud of ourselves to have made it this far. One of our main goals was to be one of the finalists and now that we made it here, we are focusing our efforts to make EduSex a  real project and make it available for everyone! It's hard to describe how we feel because we feel everything. We are so excited, amazed, speechless and full of energy to keep working on it.

Tell us more about the team: did you meet on the spot or did you know from before?

We are all students from the same college, but we met each other because of DigiEduHack. The first member to encourage us to participate was Carla, she told her dad and Nidia to join the team. We wanted two more participants so Nidia told two friends of hers to join us, Sergio and Lucía. A curious fact is that we have been through a pandemic during all the process, so we couldn't meet physically and all the interaction we made was 100% online without meeting face to face.

How did you organize your team: each team member had a precise role or were you all hands-on the project?

At first yes, we started brainstorming about everything, each of us giving our point of view from our expertise, because we are from different careers. Also, we all made the research to make sure our solution made sense. Then we split up the tasks according to our abilities and knowledge: Carla had the role of a project manager, Lucía and Nidia were in charge of the design UX, Sergio of the promotion and Carlos about the pedagogical area. But in the end, to be honest, everyone was all-hands on the project. We were always giving feedback to each other so even though we divided the project, all of us helped on every part of the project.

What was the team's epiphany moment? When did you realise "yes, we've got it"?

The epiphany moment happened when we realized two main things: the problem and the opportunity. The main problem we found is that in South and Central America there are statistics that show high levels of pregnancy between teenagers and that sex is a censored topic in the educational system. The opportunity we found is the increasing number of electronic devices and accessibility to the internet in the region that keeps everyone connected. Also the increased interest of children and teenagers in videogames. So we discovered our opportunity: why not teaching young people to about Comprehensive Sex Education by playing?

Do you think your solution could work worldwide? Can it be adapted to very different contexts?

Yes for sure! This is one of our long term goals. We aim for the solution to adapt depending on where you live: Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) vastly depends on where the learner lives. The game would adapt according to the culture, religion, costumes that each country and region have.   For example in some countries, it is more common to know about CSE, so this solution can be adapted more easily. On the other hand, in countries where CSE is unknown and a tabu, the scenario is 100% different. This is why we would for sure adapt it worldwide to be super personalized.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your solution?

The strengths are that we found a very specific topic in education, which was rarely talked about in our country and worldwide. So, with creativity, dynamism and innovation we made up a solution that will help to reduce the lack of information about sexual education in an interactive way. Otherwise, our weaknesses are to face a censored topic in the educational system. It is not like we are going to teach about math, so it is kind of difficult to find the right words, visuals and “best way” to teach CSE in an assertive way where parents and people don’t think it is not correct for children. But we also see it as an opportunity to start educating young people and stop the stigma of CSE.

If you're one of the three global winners, what are your next steps going to be?

Firstly, we are going to hire a group of specialists about the sex educational topic in order to develop an appropriate and valuable solution for our futures users. Secondly, we will contact a digital transformation agency in order to develop EduSex, hand by hand with experts on developing and UX design in order to make the app available for every operating system on the market. Thirdly, we will hire a digital marketing agency in order to reach a scalable number of active users on the EduSex platform.

What would you tell to potential voters to make them cast their vote for your solution?

Have you ever heard about sex education? Do you know what it means? Look around you:  in social media, at schools, college, at work... Are you receiving enough trustworthy and valuable information from reliable sources about sexual education? Did you learn about sex education in school? Do they talk about it on the news?   If you’re wondering why you should or should have received it we have the answer for you. Not teaching CSE generates that young people expose themselves to serious risks of their health, lives and not being able to respond to their basic needs and rights as individuals. CSE goes beyond the reproductive, it contributes to the development of identity, affectivity, expressiveness, and provides competencies and skills for life and knowledge about their bodies, emotions and health. These issues shape their social development to be able to make informed and thoughtful decisions that are part of them throughout their lives. Therefore, CSE is necessary for everyone’s life.

Could you give us a quote or a quick take-away?

If it's a short quote could be: “Sex Education to live properly” “Sex Education for everyone” If it's a long quote could be: “Not teaching CSE generates that young people expose themselves to serious risks to their health, their lives and not being able to respond to their basic needs and rights as individuals” “Do you care about your identity, boundaries and social development? Then Sex education is for you.”

Anything you'd like to add?

Comprehensive Sex Education is for every human being on this planet. It gives you the ability to be respectful and love yourself.   CSE is still a tabu all around the world. We want to give it a chance to be part of everyone's life. For everyone to understand CSE is the pillar of everyone’s life, and most important, children and teenagers. They are our future and CSE too. 

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