Ok Prof by Team 4

Ok Prof by Team 4

Ok Prof is a Learning Assistant Bot helping learners from all levels to plan & manage their studying time.

This is the last stretch of DigiEduHack 2020! We conducted a series of interviews to shine the light on the members of the 12 teams taking part in this final round of DigiEduHack and get to know their aspirations, motivations and hopes. Let's meet with Team 4!   

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Hello Team 4! How does it feel to be among the finalists of DigiEduHack 2020?

FIRST REACTION: SHOCK!! We are very enthusiastic and we are honoured to elevate our project on an international level!

Tell us more about the team: did you meet on the spot or did you know from before?

We met on the spot, we are a ‘melting pot team’ because we come from different working backgrounds, and after the Hackathon, we continued to meet regularly on Zoom trying to develop our project.  

How did you organize your team: each team member had a precise role or were you all hands-on the project?

In the beginning, we were all hands-on with the project, now we are defining roles in each specialized sector (marketing & communication, relationship with partners, programmers and educators.

What was the team's epiphany moment? When did you realise "yes, we've got it"?

We realized it at the end of the first Hackathon day because ideas were coming out very fast and the adrenaline was increasing moment by moment. Giulia wrote this night to the Chief Innovator of her company (Credem – a National Bank): “Hey Pier! Weare going to win! I’m sure!!!”

Do you think your solution could work worldwide? Can it be adapted to very different contexts?

Yes, we are realizing the first Italian Demo, and if we will win, we will realize the English version and develop the next steps. We included a version (to be developed) for a student with Specific Learning Disorders: this will be one of the most important parts of our project and also the most complex part because we will interact with specialized teachers and psychologists.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your solution?

We are tailor-made for students, it will fill up difficulties that students actually find when they are at home; we will help them to find their personalized way to study alone without distraction, and it will be based on existing studying methods, learning modalities, mind maps.

If you're one of the three global winners, what are your next steps going to be?

We will invest the money to develop the project and to get a closer partnership from partners that we already contacted in the initial phase. With this recognition, we are sure they will be more confident by supporting the project even they can not see the final product yet.

Do you already have an idea on how to make your solution become real?

Yes, while waiting for the results, we already improved the project by writing dialogues of our voice/chatbot, we met each once a week after dinner to improve the project (during the day we all have our own works!)

What would you tell to potential voters to make them cast their vote for your solution?

For the students, we want to tell them that they would appreciate our proposals because they are different and close to their way of life, our bot will not be boring but funny - for parents, we want to tell them that they can be happy because we will teach their children not to waste their time and to learn an efficient method of study- and to teachers, we want to tell them that they will have a really useful help for their students while they are not under their supervision

Could you give us a quote or a quick take-away?

#OKPROF4BETTERFUTURE we are sure that OKPROF can be a student-centric tool, cheek to cheek with students in their afternoon moments of study!

Anything you'd like to add?

Chance brought us together, determination will make us WIN!!!!

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