SaveDopamine by SaveYourDopamine

SaveDopamine by SaveYourDopamine

SaveDopamine, an edtech AI-based app for upskilling & reskilling to reduce misplaced resources

This is the last stretch of DigiEduHack 2020! We conducted a series of interviews to shine the light on the members of the 12 teams taking part in this final round of DigiEduHack and get to know their aspirations, motivations and hopes. Let's meet with the SaveYourDopmaine team!   

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How does it feel to be among the finalists of DigiEduHack 2020?

We are amazed to be selected under the 12 finalists! We invested a lot of energy into the project, so it was confirmed to get good detailed feedback from the EU Commission. Being voted by this amazing panel of experts, we feel very honoured and motivated. We are on the right track!

Tell us more about the team: did you meet on the spot or did you know from before?

Luciano (CEO) and Felix (CTO) studied physics in Berlin and went together to the DigiEduHack challenge, where we met Margareta, who supported us in the runup to our first pitch at the local competition. We had amazing support from our initial mentors Margarida and Antonio, who pushed us to the next level and helped us understand the problem of “skill gaps”. It was very fun to develop such a complex project in as little as 2 days! Unfortunately, Margareta did not further participate due to work. But like the Hydra: One head in trade of two new ones, we can proudly announce that Alex from Spain and Gustavo from Switzerland are part of SaveDopamine now. Together we further developed the solution in the past months. It has been a rollercoaster but we have learned so much on the way here! Beginning from a concept formed in the Hackathon, we steadily developed into a project with a realistic outlook. We are already prototyping the technical part, narrowing the scope and testing the market, we promise ourselves great success for this project, we are ready for the next step!

How did you organize your team: each team member had a precise role or were you all hands-on the project?

Our team is characterized by several personalities with various skills. That's why we applied the rules of SaveDopamine to every task from the very beginning: each of us is doing tasks considering our individual capabilities, skills, motivations and interests. This creates value in SaveDopamine's Team that is bigger than the sum of each member. We are organizing in an agile way, working in sprints (short projects) with clear goals and giving responsibilities to every team member. This way we progress focused and fast. We are now at the stage of looking for further team members to accomplish our task of revolutionizing the future of work in the best way possible.

What was the team's epiphany moment? When did you realise "yes, we've got it"?

In the beginning, we felt like coming up with a great idea in 2 days was an insurmountable task, however, we quickly realized that our idea had potential far beyond the DigiEduHack competition. All people, in the industry and out of it, we have talked with about our project, are absolutely amazed and see the need for our solution, this is why we have been so motivated to keep up our work the last few months.

Last few weeks we were focusing to get into an incubator program. We received a rejection because of too many applicants, but before it could affect us negatively, we got the message from Ida Andersson that we are in the last round of the DigiEduHack! It took almost one day to even realize that we've got it and this means for us we will go on and hunt the trophy money as well as the title for Digital Education Ambassadors 2021.

Do you think your solution could work worldwide? Can it be adapted to very different contexts?

Our solution will definitely work worldwide. The Covid-19-Pandemic has really shown all of us how much room for improvement there is when it comes to tools for remote working and studying. Adapting the idea of watching videos together from entertainment into studying and working contexts and improving it with the tweaks needed for a great workflow is something that is not only relevant everywhere on the planet right now but will continue to grow in relevance for the foreseeable digital future.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your solution?

Yes! Tackling the problems associated with the future of work (specialisation of knowledge, skill gaps, automatization, technological disruptions, etc.) will affect all people, everywhere. Lifelong learning is not just related to work, as you see our competitors are challenging important educational issues. Where SaveDopamine is now matching employees to projects and enabling the continuous learning, someday it will be able to classify pupils to teacher's soft skills, or function as an adaptive learning platform for students. The algorithms and underlying concept of motivation through continuous learning can't be applied to just education. Government, public institutions and NGOs can use SaveDopamine too, finding solutions to challenges such as job security, upskilling and reskilling of communities and building up a social work culture. First things first, we have to focus on this idea.

If you're one of the three global winners, what are your next steps going to be?

Since SaveDopamine has started the hackathon, small expenses have occurred. The trophy money would help further development until SaveDopamine has an incubator. We hope to get exposure, we want our network to grow and new opportunities to arise. We have already been preparing to transform into a start-up, however, we need to grow the team further, find customers and investors to get to the next stage: implementing SaveDopamine as a PaaS for organizations to help identify and release potential in their workforce. It would be great to partner with institutions such as the EU Commission, as our goals are in line with organizations’ strategies to pursue AI and prepare their citizens for the future of work. The 5000€ prize will be used as seed money for small investments in the start-up, like servers for cloud infrastructure, better tools for our team, etc.

Do you already have an idea on how to make your solution become real?

SaveDopamine’s team is already making the next step: programming the prototype! There are already companies interested in joining a pilot program. Once SaveDopamine is in action, our team will optimize the matching procedure until SaveDopamine is ready to go to market. With our agile approach, we estimate this to occur in 8-18 months, depending on market segmentation and data acquisition for training/testing.

What would you tell potential voters to make them cast their vote for your solution?

We need your help to revolutionize the future of work into a human-centric working culture! Based on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion the management level and the workforce is working TOGETHER as one: the company.

Maybe you already know people or businesses that have suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been layoffs and dreams cut short, on the other hand, more and more people are working remotely from home. Imagine how difficult it must be for the majority to adapt. Just think of e-learning, all the different meetings and meeting’s tools, having to understand or research everything on your own with limited social contact. Now imagine the near future, where we all will have to adapt to machines helping us in our daily work, probably still working remotely and being in contact with knowledge and technology we never saw before, this is exciting and at the same time deeply unsettling. What will happen to my job? How do I acquire these new and needed skills? What about my colleagues and friends?

Our idea aims at easing those super important questions and even improving what we already know. We want to help the future you, decide what path to take and make it easy for everyone to be working at what they most like and can do best!
Vote for us! Help us make the future great, take matters into your own hands.

Could you give us a quote or a quick take-away?

Matching the best employee’s profile to the most appropriate project? Possible! Using AI for skill assessment and reducing misplaced resources. Make better decisions with SaveDopamine. If you vote for us, you are helping an idea come to life that is important to all of us in the future of work! Help us make work more human and democratize the future.

Anything you'd like to add?

We have noticed that the voting process is very complicated, sometimes lasting well over 10 minutes (in average about 6´). We consider that the aim of this competition is for the general public to decide the outcome and not for already existing networks of support (it is even difficult to convince friends to vote on a 6-minute process), thus in our minds, this last process should be more open. Thank you for everyone voting for us, we know how difficult it was!

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