Spark20 by Sparkers

Spark20 by Sparkers

Spark20, an EdTech gamification business stimulation platform for learners & teachers

This is the last stretch of DigiEduHack 2020! We conducted a series of interviews to shine the light on the members of the 12 teams taking part in this final round of DigiEduHack and get to know their aspirations, motivations and hopes. Let's meet with the Sparkers team!   

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How does it feel to be among the finalists of DigiEduHack 2020?

This is great news since it gives us even more hope in obtaining the necessary financing of a very much-improved tool around our solution Spark20 and in which we will be able to invest our passion and time. Moreover, this last nomination is additional proof that our solution is much needed both for teachers and students, especially in our current social context.

Tell us more about the team: did you meet on the spot or did you know from before?

Our team members are life-long friends and colleagues as both teachers and researchers. Three of us are currently launching a start-up together, and we all share the pleasure of coaching our students and helping them grow both personally and professionally. Therefore we knew each other and we also knew that we could work well together.

How did you organize your team: each team member had a precise role or were you all hands-on the project?

Rather than working on the same thing at the same time, we decided that each one of us had a specific role that we will most likely keep in the future, as we will keep developing the tool mechanisms and scenarios. Tristan SALVADORI is the group leader and first came up with the original idea of the creation of a Business Role Playing Game. Jérémy ARGUSA brings a lot of energy to our team and his pedagogical expertise in higher education as well as his deep knowledge of learning mechanisms through gamification and simulation. Sabina TARTEA is the accounting, finance and business strategy expert of our team and brings rigor and consistency in the project management process. She is also our 'pitch' master and the most fluent speaker in various languages. Lucie DENIS is the always curious and dedicated soul of the team who originally wanted to enroll us all for this great pedagogical adventure. She makes sure both know hows and soft skills development, as well as students’ employability stays a priority and brings a pragmatic vision to the group.

What was the team's epiphany moment? When did you realise "yes, we've got it"?

Our epiphany moment was when we finally knew how to make soft skills resonate with RPG. Allowing the students to have interactions all along the game allows them to get new soft skills (communication, decision making, leadership, …). It finally clicked when we were able to transpose real life characteristics to gamified ones.

Do you think your solution could work worldwide? Can it be adapted to very different contexts?

We are convinced our pedagogical solution could fit any teacher in any country, because the teacher remains the main added-value, and the online game platform itself will be developed in several languages. However, the scenarios would imply a translation in the target language if they are not published originally in English on the authors’ collaborative platform.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your solution?

Our project finds its strengths in the diversity of our backgrounds and in our thirst for pedagogical innovation. We developed a tool that we want to work with, that is based on the best way of learning : through game playing. Our project’s business model relies on its community, teachers and students that would be inclined to participate in Role Playing Games. Most importantly, we must convince and support teachers to use innovative ways of teaching.

If you're one of the three global winners, what are your next steps going to be?

If we were to be among the three global winners, we would use both the funding and legitimacy gained to start a crowdfunding campaign in order to propose our solution to a broader audience and encourage them to fund the development of a fully operational solution.

Do you already have an idea on how to make your solution become real?

We already have a prototype that was tested with a group of master’s students. It allows hosting a game with students, however the aspect of tracking and automated debriefing are not yet available.

What would you tell potential voters to make them cast their vote for your solution?

You know you hate boring classes. So do we! Help us make this innovative pedagogical experience come true by voting for us! Vote for Spark20!

Could you give us a quote or a quick take-away?

Place the teacher back at the heart of the teaching experience with Spark20 and our Role Playing Game. Give back the teaching to teachers !

Anything you'd like to add?

DigiEduHack & PimpMyCourse was a great experience. It allowed us to get creative and free our spirit even for a short time during a period that was quite stressful. We believe that our solution can make a difference in the day to day life of both students and teachers. Stay tuned for a trial shortly !

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