The DigiEduHack 2020 community events

The DigiEduHack 2020 community events

Get to learn more about these free inspirational happenings open to all!

For the 2020 edition of DigiEduHack, a series of five online community events will take place in September and October. These events will feature expert speakers that are members of the DigiEduHack 2020 steering group, and will be hosted by Line Gry Knudsen, founder of LEARN Consulting and former Director of the education team at EIT Climate-KIC.

We asked her to tease us a bit about the community events.

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Line, can you tell us what are exactly these DigiEduHack community events?


The DigiEduHack community events are free online happenings that are primarily designed to inspire DigiEduHack hosts and potential hosts. The content of these events is inpired by the Digital Education Action Plan: we address current and future issues related to digital education and we explore uncharted territories aiming find new paths for digital education.

But the DigiEduHack community events are not made only for hosts: they do are open to everyone from potential participants to digital education enthusiasts, stakeholders, actors of the edtech shpere, ... Really anyone with a knack for digital education and its challenges and who is looking for insights and inspiration.


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So these events are not static lectures?


No, not at all! The DigiEduHack community events should be a source of inspiration for experimentation in digital educations. This year, because of the pandemic, we all have been experimenting in one a way or another. We have been trying, at different levels, new experimental learning solutions. In these uncertain times, we have been iterating and now it's time to harvest the good practices and the best learnings.

The speakers of the DigiEduHack events are going to reflect on these rapid changes and will try to maintain this testing spirit that have been experienced by all stakeholders, whether from or outside the educational world.

Who is going to speak at these events?


We have a line-up of speakers that are experts in digital education, among the best in their field. The speakers are actually the members of the DigiEduHack 2020 steering group. They have been hand picked by the European Commission for their distinctive skills, their commitment and actions in favour of digital education and for some of them their involvment in the Digital Education Action Plan.

You can learn more about the steering group members on their dedicated page. You can even reach and interact with each of them on their Twitter accounts. As you can see there, the DigiEduHack steering group members have very different profiles, ranging from researchers to practitioners.


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How are the community events organised?


There will be 5 online events, all happening online. Each event is dedicated to a very specific area of expertise related to digital education. We will start on September 16th, with Arjana Blazic and Bart Verswijvel and we are going to focus there on how to create learner engagement in the digital classroom. We will also have an event dedicated to startups and entrepreneurship in digital education, one event revolving around future skills in higher education, one on digital literacy and the role of NGOs with a focus on public libraries as agent of change, and last but not least our final event will be a teaser for the DigiEduHack 2020 main stage. The main stage itself is happening on the 12-13 November in Berlin: it is actually our ultimate community event and will crown the series. There will be a possibility for all willing local hosts to tap in this main event. We will tell you more about this very soon!

What will be the level of interaction with the speakers?


The events have been kept in a relatively short format: they will last 45 minutes, including Q&A. They will be quite fast paced! But as we are open to suggestions from our audience, we might make the events evolve towards a longer format in order to give more space to the Q&A. We're experimenting!

DigiEduHack 2020 community events: the complete list! 

September 16th, 15.00 CET 
‘Building engagement in digital learning: a school perspective’ with Arjana Blazic and Bart Verswijvel
Learn more about this event here and book your seat here.

September 23rd, 15.00 CET
‘Business and entrepreneurial view on learning in the digital age’ with Christina Riesen, Margaux Pelen and Sasha Bezuhanova

September 30th, 15.00 CET

‘Digital skills and NGOs role in digital education’ with Altheo Valentini and Ilona Kish

October 21st, 15.00 CET

‘Future skills for digital learning: a higher education and continuous learning perspective’ with Petri Vuorimaa, Jakub Grodecki and Mark Brown

October 28th, 15.00 CET

“Hack the Semester” + teasers and insight on the DigiEduHack Main Stage event’ with Florian Rampelt and Alexander Knoth


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