Torino DigiEduHack 4 Urban Food Circularity - DigiEduHack 2019

Torino DigiEduHack 4 Urban Food Circularity

Join us on 03 October 2019




Frequently asked questions

The DigiEduHack can be best described as a “creative marathon” where participants create multidisciplinary teams and design solutions to pressing challenges. Specifically, our DigiEduHack will focus on how digital educational tools can be used to educate individuals and promote Urban Food Circular Business Models, e.g., how to achieve food sustainability through circular economies in urban cities.

The DigiEduHack will be an immersive, competitive, and stimulating experience. During the event you will be able to create new networks and improve your competence and skills in identifying challenges, and drafting solutions for sustainability in food ecosystems. Also, there will be prizes for the most innovative ideas/solutions!

We are looking for motivated members from every step/dimension/role in the ‘food ecosystem’ who have a passion for changing current approaches in food production. If you are a food enthusiast, or ‘foodie’ (students, researches, professors, practitioners, etc.) who in any small way considers sustainability and food, then this is the place for you! We will accept up to a total of 30 participants. 

Interested parties may apply as individuals or as teams. Teams may contain 3-5 people.

For participants joining the DigiEduHack as individuals, never fear! Teams will be organized by the DigiEduHack organizers in efforts to create multi-disciplinary environments.

You will be asked to specify your participation status (team or invidividual) during the application process.  

This is a fully funded event, so you'll be provided with facilities, meals, and workspaces during the 24-hour duration.

You will be notified via email at the email address you provided during the application process; please make sure that all information provided on your application is correct.

For teams, EVERY team member must apply independently. 

The DigiEduHack will take place in S.A.A Business School, Via Ventimiglia 115, 10126 Torino, on the 3rd of October 2019.

Note: Event venue is subject to change. 

Food will be provided in abundance (it’ll make sense later) throughout the DigiEduHack. You will be given breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the event. Snacks and drinks such as coffee and water will be made available throughout the 24-hour event.

We recommend bringing your laptop, chargers, mobile phone, and any hardware, software, tool, and the devices you plan on using to develop your idea. We also recommend bringing a power bank just in case. Everything else you may require will be provided on site.

Also, items to help you get a couple of hours of well-deserved rest (e.g., pillows, comfortable clothes, blankets). 

All teams will be asked to present their educational idea, or proposal, to a panel of expert judges upon completion of the DigiEduHack. The judges will then choose the most innovative proposals and assign prizes based on criteria that will be shared with participants at the start of the DigiEduHack.

Evaluation criteria will be shared with all participants prior to the event. 

During the application procedure all participants will be asked to specify if any special requirements are present. However, feel free to contact us if any further questions arise. 

Please feel free to contact us with further inquiries at We'll reply promptly.

You did not find the answer? Please contact one of the organisers