Travel Club for Elderly - TRACE

Travel Club for Elderly - TRACE

Our challenge, your solutions

TRACE - Travel Club for Elderly

Travelling together with people you like strengthens and deepens friendships, keeps you active, stimulates and challenges your brain as you encounter new people, cultures and environments, reduces stress and improves your mood and outlook on life.



Team members

Anna Grabowska, Anna Czaja, Ewa Kozłowska, Karolina Chylińska, Aleksander Trzeciak, Andreas Huber

Members roles and background

  1. Anna G. - a grandma (Poland),
  2. Karolina - a doctor (Sweden),
  3. Anna C. - a mother and an IT teacher (Poland),
  4. Ewa - a PhD student (Poland,
  5. Aleksander - a medical student (Poland),
  6. Andreas - a manager (Germany),

We would also like to thank Valerie Woodgaiger - a grandma from Wales, Val is a person who inspired us a lot.

Contact details

Solution description

Our final product will be a website, with two main purposes. First, a guide for seniors where we will teach how to organize a trip, providing help on each step of the planning process. Second, a social platform for planning trips. Sharing work means everyone is responsible for planning the trip. For example one person books theatre tickets, another chooses places to eat, etc. Being engaged in the planning process makes everyone feel important and gives people the sense of empowerment.


Solution context

Traveling in the digital era can be a difficult task for senior citizens. Booking flights or bus tickets, checking museum opening hours and finding affordable accommodation may be easy for millennials but most of the time is an obstacle for elderly.

Solution target group

Seniors citizens health and quality of life will improve.

Tourism industry will earn money.

Grandchildren will find common interests, will join trips and have fun together.

Solution impact

Seniors will organise travelling according to their specific needs.

They will increase their number of friends of similar age and interest.

 As a metric we will use the number of registered users and the number of sucessfully organized trips

Solution tweet text

Let's travel with whom you like and how you like. Only imagination is your limit.

Solution innovativeness

Travel agencies for elderly force clients to accept the ready-made offer.  We assume seniors want to be responsible for their choices regarding destination, means of transport, places to stay, sites to visit, people with whom they travel. Our service gives seniors the freedom to plan their own trip to the tiniest detail. To the best of our knowledge no such service currently exists.

Solution transferability

Our solution can be implemented in intergenerational teams. Grandchildren can travel with grandmothers and grandtfathers and have a lot of fun together.

Solution sustainability

We plan to implement the pilot version at the Academy of Third Age at Gdansk University of Technology.

Then we will spread out information about the product among other universities of third age in Poland as well as abroad.

Our product may ultimately be funded by affiliated links.

Solution team work

The teamwork was perfect and we plan on continuing our co-operation. All team members had unique and valuable ideas.
Our members come from various backgrounds which helped us look at the problem from different angles.



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