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DigiEduHack 2024

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DigiEduHack Global Awards are designed to recognise and reward the teams proposing the best solutions to our challenges. Our Award categories cater to all levels of expertise, backgrounds, and maturity of the proposed solutions, reflecting our commitment with inclusivity, diversity and equity. Check them below!

DigiEduHack Global Awards


For solutions proposed by teams that recently started their journey in the digital education field, have little or no previous experience in hackathons, or bring a promising solution in an early stage of maturity.

Beginner award: Social impact
Beginner award: Disruptive technology


For solutions with a higher degree of maturity, proposed by teams that demonstrate notable expertise in their fields (years of experience, remarkable achievements, etc) and/or experience in participating in hackathons.

Experienced award: Social impact
Experienced award: Disruptive technology

How do you run for DigiEduHack Global Awards?

  1. Choose a challenge and get on board!
  2. Come up with the most innovative solution for your challenge and become a local winner.
  3. Your local host will flag the Award category you are running for.
  4. Out of all local winners, our DigiEduHack Steering Group will selected the top three solutions per category, and put them to a public vote.
  5. Get the most votes for the category in which you are competing and become one of our next Global Awards winners.
  6. Choose, together with your team-mates, your prize from the awards package.
  7. Join us for the Global Awards ceremony and receive your Global Awards winner certificate.