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DigiEduHack 2024

Seize the opportunity, let's support people-driven digital transformation in education together!

Digital Well-being as Part of Learning

Building digital well-being together: an event involving students from various schools and ages, their parents, teachers and teacher-students.

This event is organized by and at the Teacher Training School of the University of Eastern Finland. The event is intended for invited students, their parents and teaching trainees. In the event, we will familiarize ourselves with what digital well-being means and think together about how it can be promoted in everyday life.

The event introduces various digital well-being themes, such as time management, information security, media criticism and digital creativity. The event offers a few workshops where you can try and learn new skills and tools. The event also offers the opportunity to discuss and share experiences from digital everyday life with other participants.

The event is part of DigiEduHack, an initiative of the European Commission to promote digital teaching and learning.

Digital Well-being as Part of Learning
Who can join?
Primary students
University students


Specific conditions to apply

This event is by invitation only.

06 - 09 NOV 2023
Register by 01 NOV

Tulliportinkatu 1, Joensuu, Finland - Finland

Well-being in Digital Education

Challenge and goals

Learn and discuss together and come up with various propositions to be taken into consideration to increase well-being in an increasingly technologized world. In our case the goals and aoutcomes concentrate on the process, the experience and this innovatative way of working!

Expectations and requirements for the solutions and participants

The organizers will take care of all the necessary material. Experts will present the contents and keynotes, group work is facilitated and everything is taken care of. In other words, you are very welcome just the way you are!

Available Support