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University Students Using Space Data to Protect Ukrainian Cultural Heritage

This hackathon challenge aims to develop an innovative solution for the benefit of the Ukrainian cultural heritage sector, which has been severely hit by the ongoing war. 

The Challenge encourages university staff and students, especially geography departments of Baltic universities, to work with space and geo data to provide a data-driven solution to the protection of Ukrainian cultural heritage. Thus, this hackathon brings a particular focus on the role of academia in strengthening capacity building and humanitarian support to Ukraine and its people.

Our Challenge includes the development of an online platform that will gather space and geo data which will present the current status of cultural heritage sites and monuments in Ukraine. 

Our core team comprises Katerina Zourou, Stefania Oikonomou (Web2Learn) and Kateryna Boichenko (Kyiv National Economic University). 

The hackathon takes part in the context of the EU-funded Baltics4UA project (

Who can join?
University students
Education professionals
Digital education enthusiasts
07 - 08 NOV 2023
Register by 07 NOV
from Greece
Data-Driven Education

Challenge and goals

Our challenge aims to:

  • Enhance European universities’ innovation potential for the benefit of war-torn Ukrainian cultural heritage and its people.

  • Develop an online tool that combines space and geo data with citizen-generated and environmental data for cultural heritage protection.

  • Monitor damage (deterioration, demolishment, explosions, pollution, etc.) to war-torn Ukrainian cultural heritage.

  • Facilitate experts in evaluating and assessing the degree of damage to Ukrainian cultural heritage sites and monuments.

Expectations and requirements for the solutions and participants

The expected result of our challenge is the release of a prototype of the online tool that will showcase real-time damage to Ukrainian cultural heritage monuments. The tool will map and present the status of monuments and the degree of war-driven damages in terms of environmental pollution, and war-related parameters (e.g., explosions).

Any team that will work on this challenge will have expertise in the use and analysis of space data and Earth observations, as well as be familiar with Ukrainian databases providing real-time data on the situation in the country (e.g., SaveEcoBot). Particularly, we aim to collaborate with students and staff from geography departments of Baltic universities.

Available Support


Bente Lilja Bye
Bente Lilja Bye
Earth observations specialist
Charalambos Chatzidiakos
Charalambos Chatzidiakos
Geoscientist - web developer
Thanasis Koukoulis
Thanasis Koukoulis
Researcher at National Observatory of Athens


Katerina Zourou
Katerina Zourou
Managing director of Web2Learn
Bente Lilja Bye
Bente Lilja Bye
Earth observations specialist
Thanasis Koukoulis
Thanasis Koukoulis
Researcher at the National Observatory of Athens


Opportunity to continue working with the team for the development of the Idea.

Proposed Solutions