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DigiEduHack 2024

Seize the opportunity, let's support people-driven digital transformation in education together!

Get ready: the 5th edition of DigiEduHack will take place 8-17 Nov 2024!

DigiEduHack: Pathway to becoming a DigiEduHack Winner

DigiEduHack is not your average hackathon. Undoubtedly, and like other hackathons, it’s a competition. But it’s also a networking hub, fostering connections among individuals passionate about digital education and creating a supportive community that extends beyond the hacking days.

And there is more to it than just solving a certain digital education-related challenge: DigiEduHack is a transformative experience that promises participants not only the thrill of innovation but also a pathway to global recognition and tangible rewards. So, what is this pathway?

Local Winners

The best solutions receive their first recognition at the local level, becoming local winning solutions. For the 2023 edition, these local winners have already been identified and can be found on www.digieduhack.com/challenges – you select the one you want to know more about and you will find the local winning solution highlighted. 


Local winning solutions then undergo an evaluation by a distinguished panel of experts – DigiEduHack’s Steering Group. For the 2023 edition, evaluation is currently in process and finalists will be announced in less than two weeks.

Public Voting

DigiEduHack introduces an exciting phase of public voting, where the global community has a say in determining the solutions they believe hold the most promise. It's a chance for participants to present their ideas and gather widespread support for their groundbreaking ideas.

Global Winners

The pinnacle of achievement awaits as Global Winners emerge. There will be four winning solutions, two per category – beginners or experienced – and subcategories – social impact and disruptive technology. At DigiEduHack, we believe nothing has more value than the continuation of existing skills development and networking opportunities, and this is reflected in the awards packages that we propose. You can check out here the different opportunities that global winners will be able to choose from.

DigiEduHack Alumni

When one participates in a local DigiEduHack hackathon, one becomes DigiEduHack Alumni. This not only gives you access to exclusive networking activities meant to help participants further develop their skills, but it also connects them with the wider digital education landscape. 

As a whole, DigiEduHack offers participants the chance to be part of a global movement, contribute to the evolution of digital education, and leave an indelible mark on the future of learning. This ongoing journey gives participants the opportunity to shape the future of digital education while shaping their own, individual future.

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