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DigiEduHack 2024

Seize the opportunity, let's support people-driven digital transformation in education together!

Get ready: the 5th edition of DigiEduHack will take place 8-17 Nov 2024!

Putting people at the centre of digital education

If we were to put a label on the era that we are living, find one defining characteristic that most of those around us can agree upon… it might as well be something in the line of “fast-paced” or “rapidly evolving”. And while the technological field might be the first to come to mind when thinking about this fast-paced, rapidly evolving environment, the reality is that no aspect of our lives has remained untouched by the fast technological advancements. From artificial intelligence and machine learning to virtual reality and augmented reality, technology has transformed the way we live and work; and education is, by no means, an exception.

Long gone are the days when educators relied exclusively on textbooks and lectures to prepare students. Today, a learning environment that doesn’t include, at the very least, a computer and an internet connection, is quickly deemed outdated - in terms of the tools used in the classroom, and of the outcomes it provides. In order for students to thrive in the 21st century, they need to be equipped with advanced digital skills.

But there is so much more that can be accomplished. At DigiEduHack, we believe the educational experience as a whole can be transformed through technology - accessibility in education can be enhanced, barriers can be removed, and equal opportunities can be guaranteed. Learning can be an experience that prepares individuals for the digital world while nurturing deep connections and fostering a sense of community. This is why at DigiEduHack, we’re putting people at the centre of digital education.

At the heart of putting people first in digital education lies the concept of personalization. Each individual has unique learning needs, interests, and strengths, which can be better addressed through personalized learning experiences. Technology empowers educators to tailor teaching methods, content, and pacing to suit the preferences and capabilities of each learner, ensuring ths way that students stay engaged, motivated, and invested in their learning journey.

Moreover, personalized digital education extends to creating a meaningful and relevant context for learning. Digital tools can bring real-world scenarios, simulations, and interactive experiences into the classroom, making learning more immersive and memorable. This approach not only enhances comprehension but also instills a sense of purpose, empowering students to take charge of their learning experiences and to embrace education as a lifelong journey.

The impact of technology transcends the individual sphere, as it transforms and strengthens the learning community as well, by facilitating communication and collaboration between learners, educators and policymakers. As a result, putting people at the center of digital education is not just a vision but a necessity for preparing individuals to thrive in the digital era. This is what we’re betting on at DigiEduHack! 

Join our digital education hackathon – and wider community – and let’s shape together the future of learning with solutions that put people at the centre of digital education!

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