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DigiEduHack 2024

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Get ready: the 5th edition of DigiEduHack will take place 8-17 Nov 2024!

Quarterly Editorial: Becoming a DigiEduHack Global Winner 2

Welcome to the second part of our inspiring conversation with the winners of DigiEduHack 2023! Ready to learn some more about the teams and their ideas? Continue reading! 

: How was your team created? How did you choose the name for it?

  • iTeener: We started working together during the Weave Innovation Camp 2023, then we participated to the National Entrepreneurship Championships, where we reached the top 10 in the final held at Bocconi University. For good luck, we kept the name of the group unchanged.
  • Guacamole: We formed a team because we were familiar with each other beforehand. Regarding the name, "Guacamole" was chosen because guacamole is a blend of various ingredients, much like our team, which consists of individuals from different countries and backgrounds.
  • Amp Empire: We have known each other for quite some time now, we go to the same class and already have taken part in some other contests, the name that we use has accompanied us for some years now but there isn't really much more meaning to it.
  • Ed Map: Our team consists of professionals with backgrounds in both education and technology. United by a shared vision to enhance practical education, we bring diverse expertise, from EdTech product management to software engineering. Our mission is to innovate education and prepare future generations for real-world challenges through the intersection of education and technology.

5: Who are the members of your team and where do they come from?

  • iTeener: Guilio Trisolino, Saemi De Rinalds, Carlotta Capone, Antonella Chiara De Benedittis, Jaida Gallo, Ailine Petrachi, Manuela Montinaro - Martano are our team members and we come from Italy. 
  • Guacamole: Paula Valentina Plaza Alegria, Johannes Fagerberg, Juan César Chavarri Cerna, Alisa Pérez Pakhomova, Angie Sofía Estupiñan Pepinosa. Our team is quite the international mix: Paula and Juan come from Mexico, Johannes from Sweden, Angie from Bogota and Alisa from Madrid.
  • Amp Empire: Marcos Almonacid, Diego Gutiérrez, Pablo Ventosa and we come from Madrid, Spain.
  • Ed Map: Arsen Asatryan, Samvel Mkhitaryan, Tamara Harutyunyan, Narine Khachatryan, our team is from Armenia.

6: What can you tell us about the challenges you faced during the hackathon?

  • iTeener: During the hackathon, the unexpected triumph was a memorable moment, as we found ourselves competing with teams from across the country. Despite the challenges and fierce competition, we managed to emerge victorious, showcasing our determination and abilities. It was an exciting and rewarding experience that pushed us to give our best and overcome every obstacle along the way.
  • Guacamole: During the Hackathon, we encountered some unexpected challenges, such as communication issues among team members. This was due to the fact that some of us are native English speakers while others are native Spanish speakers with varying levels of technical English proficiency. Additionally, during the ideation phase, we debated whether to have a specialized focus group or to develop a general idea that would be inclusive for everyone. Despite the initial uncertainty, we are confident that we made the right decision.
  • Amp Empire: We had to spend a lot of time trying to pass the unity project to another computer but in the end everything came out to be alright.
  • Ed Map: The most unexpected thing we faced during the hackathon was the rapid pace of collaboration and ideation. Despite being a diverse team with varying backgrounds and perspectives, we were surprised by how quickly we were able to align our ideas and work together towards a common goal. The energy and creativity that emerged from our collaboration surpassed our expectations, leading to innovative solutions that we hadn't initially anticipated. This unexpected synergy reinforced the power of teamwork and highlighted the importance of open communication and flexibility in achieving success within a short timeframe.

7Do you have any words of advice for future participants?

  • iTeener: Our advice for future participants highlights three key aspects: mastering the English language, fostering teamwork, and generating innovative ideas.
  • Guacamole: We would tell them to simply dare to participate and develop the idea they have in mind, because if they believe in their project, they will be able to convey it to others. They will broaden their horizons and realize that they are truly capable of much bigger things than they imagine.
  • Amp Empire: Good luck, have fun.
  • Ed Map: To future participants: Embrace collaboration, stay flexible, focus on impact, prototype quickly, and above all, have fun!

Thank you to all our winners from iTeener, Guacamole, Amp Empire, and Ed Map for sharing their experiences and insights. Their stories of overcoming challenges, embracing teamwork, and pushing the boundaries of innovation serve as an inspiration to all aspiring participants.

As we look forward to the next edition of DigiEduHack, we hope their words of advice motivate future teams to dive into this exciting journey with enthusiasm and confidence. 

Remember, whether you're from a school, university, startup, or any other organization, the DigiEduHack community is ready to support you in making a difference in digital education. Keep innovating, collaborating, and believing in your ideas – the future of digital education is in your hands!

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