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Spotlight: DigiEduHack 2023 Main Stage Event

This year has seen DigiEduHack return with a scaled-up and expanded edition. After months of preparation, DigiEduHack Days started on Monday, the 6th of November, and lasted for a full week. In this timeframe, 39 hackathons were organised in Europe and beyond – read more about DigiEduHack Days here.

The 13th of November marked not one, but two DigiEduHack milestones. One the one hand, it was the final day of hacking; on the other hand, it was the chosen date for the DigiEduHack Main Stage Event. In case you’re new to the DigiEduHack universe or if you missed it, keep on reading to get a recap of what this event is all about:

  • What: DigiEduHack Main Stage Event is the culmination of the hacking days. It blends the most practical part of the initiative with a high-political conference dedicated to the future of digital education.
  • When: This year’s Main Stage Event took place in the afternoon of the 13th of November.
  • Where: The chosen location was Madrid – Círculo de las Bellas Artes – as Spain holds the Presidency of the Council of the European Union.
  • Who: Representatives of the European Commission and the Spanish Presidency of the aforementioned Council of the EU, as well as other stakeholders from the field of digital education.

The conference was divided in two panels, as it follows:

I. Putting people at the centre of digital education – with speakers:

  • Francesca Maltauro, Deputy Head of Unit, Unit ‘Digital Education’, Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture, European Commission,
  • Julio Albalad, Director of INTEF - National Institute of Educational Technologies and Teacher Training,
  • Elena Tefa, recent university graduate, former Erasmus+ trainee and current EU project assistant at EGInA,
  • Álvaro Molina, Mathematics Teacher, PhD in Computational Thinking and Teaching Mathematics, Scientix ambassador.

II. User-driven innovation in Education, with speakers:

  • Peter Fagerström, Founder and Executive chairman, Educraftor
  • Kelly Lilles, Co-founder and CEO at ALPA Kids, Board Member at Edtech Estonia, Junior Researcher at the Institute of the Estonian Language
  • Guillermo Medrano, Secondary teacher, EU Code Week Leading Teacher, eTwinner, Future Classroom Lab regional Ambassador

In addition to the conversation generated by the intervention of the previously mentioned digital education experts, the DigiEduHack Main Stage Event premiered the DigiEduHack 2023 recap video and presented, for the first time, testimonials from participants and hosts from around the globe.

If you would like to find out more, you can re-watch the 2023 DigiEduHack Main Stage Event on Youtube and Facebook. The recap video is also available on YouTube and the rest of the DigiEduHack social media channels.

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