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Digital Brainstorm Sticky Note App

Solution details

We was 3 in the group, however I cant find them on Team members list, so ill write their names here: Jurģis Egle, Otto Stariņš
And the description of the solution:
Our solution to the major problem, that is student motivation for education, is a digital sticky 
note application Brainstorm. With the use of this application students will be able to give their 
teachers direct questions and or suggestions on how to improve their learning experience. This 
application gives students a way of how to engage in not only the learning process but also in the 
preparation of the curriculum, from which they are gaining their knowledge from. The creation 
of a dedicated server that allows multiple students to interact with the Brainstorm application is 
still in the works, but if given more time, this could be easily done and thus improving the 
overall experience of both the students and the teachers.

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EdTech Solution for Better Student Motivation and Engagement


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