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A solution proposed for the challenge EduEmpower: Empowering Adult Learners Through Technology

Solution summary

EdMap aims at reshaping IT education by providing learners to engage in hands-on projects within a simulated work environment mirroring real-world industry experience (with roles ranging from software engineers to project managers). This immersive approach aims at bridging the gap between theory and practice, empowering learners with vital soft skills like problem-solving and team collaboration.

EdMap is poised to revolutionise practical education and prepare learners to succeed in the rapidly evolving IT industry with its dynamic simulated workspace, feedback-driven learning, and problem-based nature which keep students engaged, ensuring deeper understanding and knowledge retention.

This solution can be used by a wide target audience ranging from students and graduates, early-stage professionals, career transitioners, the corporate sector and state and non-commercial organisations.

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Solution details

EdMap serves as a dynamic learning ecosystem designed to bridge the divide between education and career achievement in the IT industry. Our platform provides learners with a simulated IT work environment that mirrors real-life industry experience. This simulation offers the unique opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge, foster collaboration with fellow learners, and acquire valuable industry experience. Moreover, it aids in the development of vital soft skills, such as problem-solving, communication, and teamwork. 

Within this simulated workspace, learners take on roles as diverse as software engineers, project managers, quality assurance analysts, and UI/UX designers. Each learner works alongside others in a team setting, replicating a real IT project while employing industry-specific tools. This innovative approach means learners do more than just read about Python or watch a video on conflict management - they engage in real-world applications of these skills, whether that involves completing IT tasks or navigating team conflicts. 

Tweet / Slogan

EdMap is a simulated IT company for tech learners - to gain industry experience, network and develop soft skills.

EduEmpower: Empowering Adult Learners Through Technology



The challenge that EdMap seeks to address lies in the significant barrier faced by many learners attempting to enter the IT job market: the lack of practical experience and underdeveloped soft skills. Despite investing time and effort into academic degrees or online courses, many leaners find themselves caught in a frustrating cycle - they are consistently turned away from job opportunities with the feedback that their practical experience is insufficient, even though their theoretical knowledge is good. 

This feedback paradox creates a seeming obstacle. Without a platform to gain practical industry experience, these learners are continually rejected, thereby keep going the cycle. This situation leads to a critical question that forms the crux of our problem statement: Where can learners obtain the necessary practical experience and skill development to facilitate a seamless entry into the IT job market? EdMap seeks to provide the answer.

Who Benefits?

EdMap is meticulously designed for individuals who aim to commence or advance their careers in the IT sector. Our target audience encompasses: 

- Students and Graduates: those currently enrolled in, or who have recently completed, IT-related academic programs. EdMap allows them to supplement their theoretical knowledge with practical industry experience. 

- Early Stage Professionals: individuals at the onset of their IT careers who seek to broaden their practical know-how and soft skills, enhancing their professional growth and employability.

- Career Transitioners: professionals from non-IT backgrounds who aspire to transition into the IT sector. They can leverage EdMap to acquire pertinent technical skills and gain industry experience. 

- Corporate Sector: IT companies seeking to enhance their workforce's skills or integrate new hires into their organisation can significantly benefit from EdMap. The platform can facilitate ongoing professional development for existing employees and function as training platform for newly recruited staff. 

-  State and non-Commercial Organisations: EdMap can be a beneficial tool for government-led skills development programs or non-profit organisations striving to boost IT literacy and employability among their beneficiaries. 


Practical IT industry experience: EdMap's simulated workspace provides learners with hands-on experience, enhancing their understanding and proficiency in dealing with real-world IT challenges. 

Enhanced employability: by providing practical experience, problem solving skills, and industry-relevant knowledge, EdMap enhances learners' employability, increasing their chances of securing jobs in the IT industry. 

Lifelong learning skills: by mastering the art of "learning how they learn", learners develop skills that enhance their lifelong learning effectiveness. 

Effective problem-solving skills: the problem-based learning approach adopted by EdMap enables learners to contextualise their theoretical knowledge and apply it to genuine industry issues. This approach not only solidifies their  understanding but also develops their problem-solving skills, making them more valuable assets in the IT industry. 

Engaging learning experience: the emphasis on practical, real-world problems keeps learning interesting and engaging. This interactive approach results in better retention of knowledge and fosters a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Team work

The EdMap team, made up of individuals passionately invested in education and technology, is dedicated to addressing the issue of practical education. Their collective experience and skill set uniquely position them to successfully implement the program and create substantial impact on the education landscape. 

All of us are currently working in the education sector and we know all the gaps there are in education. We bring expertise from different backgrounds, such as, technology, business and product development and these are very critical when building a startup.

Team members: Arsen Asatryan, Samvel Mkhitaryan, Lilia Isahakyan, Tamara Harutyunyan


EdMap differentiates itself from its competitors through a unique blend of offerings, providing learners with a more immersive practical, and feedback-based learning experience. 

Simulated workspace: divergent from other platforms, EdMap offers a simulated work environment that provides learners with invaluable real-world IT experience. This enables learners to apply their theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios, thereby enhancing their understanding and honing their skills. This exclusive feature grants learners real-world insight into the industry, an aspect absent from our competitors' offerings. 


EdMap can be used in other spheres as well. Each profession has its own specifications that we can simulate within our platform. The learner will learn and gain industry experience before entering the job market. 


The global transition towards e-learning has been accelerated by factors such as technological advancements, a growing need for skills upgrade, and, most recently, the shift towards remote learning due to the pandemic. This trend is unlikely to reverse, which means that demand for a platform like EdMap will continue to increase. 

Business model: our freemium business model allows us to cater a wide range of learners while generating revenue from premium subscriptions and transactions. By offering basic services for free, we can attract a broad user base and convert a portion of those users to our premium offerings.  

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