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Most pupils and students do not see the point in learning certain school subjects, as they lack motivation, and due to inability to find meaning, it is difficult for them to complete assignments.

We have come up with a system that could be tracked by teachers. In this system, students (or teachers) could enter their list of tasks for a specific day of the week, for which they would be awarded points upon completion. One might ask, 'But why? After all, in many schools they use Mykoob or E-klase, where grades are also given.' Yes, that's true, but we believe that this grading system demotivates students rather than motivates them. Therefore, on our website, for a certain number of points, it will be possible to acquire some products, for example, more options to customize one's account, or some collectible items that everyone could see, discuss, and share.

The idea of evaluating each item by rarity was also suggested. For example, common, rare, and so on. In the future, if possible, it could be arranged so that each item would have its own cost, in real money or virtual points. This could be done so that for every collectible item bought or sold on this school website, a percentage of the price would be taken by the school. Students could exchange or sell their items and also receive points or money for it. A similar system of exchange and sale can be seen in the Steam program, where there is a marketplace for items.

Considering all the listed possibilities of our website, we think even the laziest person will have motivation to at least do the assignments given by the teachers, and by completing them, gain knowledge.

We also want to mention that this idea of exchange and sale may not be included in the program in the future, as we do not have enough knowledge in this area, and therefore we cannot predict how it will work.

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