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Solution details

A huge number of students across Latvia and the world face a lack of motivation in the process of studying. It is influenced by different factors. To increase the motivation of students to study, we created a prototype of a homepage in which students from grade 1 to grade 12 from all over Latvia sign up by their choice. After registration, monthly (throughout the school year) students shall place their statements of success on the website and compete to see who has better educational achievements. Additional points can be obtained for participation in the Olympiads, good attendance, positive teacher notes, etc. At the end of the school year, students get rewarded depending on which place they are in their class group:

1st-10th place winners receive a 500-euro cash prize; 
the winners of the 11th-100th place receive a 100-euro cash prize; 
the winners of the 101st-300th place receive a 50-euro cash prize; 

And students who have won a place 301st -500th get a 50% discount for any visit to the 
Museum of Latvia, or a 50% discount for a movie ticket.
Each student is different, and each is motivated by something else. Therefore, if not all, at 
least some of the students, in our opinion, could be motivated by this innovation to learn even a little harder.

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