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A solution proposed for the challenge Next-Gen Learning Experiences Challenge

Solution details

A School Database Management System (SDMS) is a software application that serves as a central repository for storing and managing information related to a school’s operations. It typically consists of three main applications: an admin application, a teacher application, and a student application.

Admin Application: This is used by the school administrators to manage the overall system. They can add, update, or delete records of students, teachers, courses, and other resources. They can also generate reports and analyze data to make informed decisions about the school’s operations.

Teacher Application: This is used by the teachers to manage their classes. They can view their class schedules, student lists, and grades. They can also upload assignments, mark attendance, and input grades for their students.

Student Application: This is used by the students to access their personal information, class schedules, assignments, grades, and other resources. They can also submit assignments and interact with their teachers through this application.

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Next-Gen Learning Experiences Challenge


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