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DigiEduHack 2024

Seize the opportunity, let's support people-driven digital transformation in education together!

Get ready: the 5th edition of DigiEduHack will take place 8-17 Nov 2024!

DigiEduHack @TEC GUADALAJARA powered by IFE & Emprendimiento Tec

Welcome to DidiEduHack @Tec - a dynamic hackathon poised to revolutionise education through the potential of emerging technology. Anchored by two thought-provoking How Might We (HMW) questions, our event seeks to drive human flourishing and co-create impactful learning experiences:

1. "How might we push human flourishing through disruptive emerging tech-based education?"

2. "How might we co-create human flourishing through education with emerging technology?"

Mark your calendars for an inspiring two days on November 9th and 10th. We're thrilled to host this transformative event at the picturesque campus of Tecnologico de Monterrey in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Our hackathon welcomes visionaries, entrepreneurs, students, and tech enthusiasts currently enrolled as students at Tec de Monterrey. You have the flexibility to participate as a team, fostering diverse collaboration, or as an individual, bringing your unique perspective to the table. Through collective brainstorming and innovative problem-solving, we'll explore groundbreaking solutions that can reshape the future of education.

And the excitement doesn't stop there! As you invest your creativity and expertise, you're in the running to win a remarkable prize package. The top contributions have a chance to secure 5000 Euros, providing recognition for your innovative efforts. Additionally, the winners will be treated to an exclusive trip to INCmty, a premier event celebrating entrepreneurship and innovation.

Seize the opportunity to be part of this educational revolution. Register now to be a part of a community committed to transforming education through emerging technology. Unleash your potential, harness the power of innovation, and join us at DidiEduHack. Together, let's co-create a future where education thrives, powered by the synergy of emerging technology and human ambition.

Please note that the full address for onsite participation in the hackathon is Av. Gral Ramón Corona No 2514,
Colonia Nuevo México, 45201 Zapopan

Who can join?
University students
Specific conditions to apply

Exclusive for Tec de Monterrey students currently enrolled at the university and Tec de Monterrey Alumni

09 - 10 NOV 2023
Register by 10 NOV

Zapopan - Mexico

Emerging Technologies for Education

Challenge and goals

DigiEduHack @Tec is driven by a compelling set of objectives designed to reshape education through the lens of emerging technology:

1. Ignite Educational Innovation: Our mission is to spark fresh thinking and innovative solutions by assembling a diverse community of participants, including educators, students, tech enthusiasts, and forward-thinkers. Collaboratively, we aim to unearth novel approaches that leverage emerging technology to enrich the learning journey.

2. Confront Societal Learning Challenges: DigiEduHack @Tec is dedicated to addressing pertinent educational obstacles that hinder human advancement. By aligning with our core HMW questions, we are steadfast in unearthing solutions that effectively tackle these challenges, contributing to an education system that is equitable, accessible, and impactful.

3. Empower Holistic Flourishing: At the heart of DigiEduHack @Tec lies a deep commitment to nurturing holistic flourishing. We firmly believe in the capacity of education and technology to empower individuals and communities. Our objective is to craft solutions that enable individuals to thrive, unlocking their full potential and ushering in a brighter future.

4. Bridge Conceptualisation and Application: DigiEduHack @Tec endeavours to bridge the gap between conceptualisation and practical implementation. We encourage participants to develop solutions that are not only visionary but also pragmatic and scalable. By merging cutting-edge technology with real-world feasibility, our aim is to produce solutions that wield genuine impact.

5. Cultivate Collaborative Creation: Collaboration is the cornerstone of our endeavour. We invite participants to co-create, exchange insights, and build upon each other's strengths. Through an atmosphere of collaboration, we envision the emergence of comprehensive solutions that draw from diverse expertise and perspectives.

6. Commend Excellence: DigiEduHack @Tec aims to celebrate exceptional contributions by providing substantial incentives. Winners of the hackathon will reap not only monetary rewards but also the opportunity to immerse themselves in the innovation ecosystem at INCmty. By acknowledging excellence, we hope to inspire a culture of innovation that endures beyond the event.

7. Drive Tangible Impact: DigiEduHack @Tec is resolute in driving substantial change in the realm of education. Our aspiration is to see the ideas and prototypes born during the hackathon manifest as tangible, real-world applications, fostering positive change in education and society at large.

8. Champion Lifelong Learning: We champion the idea that learning is an ongoing journey. DigiEduHack @Tec seeks to promote the value of continual learning, encouraging participants to engage in meaningful discourse, learn from peers, and cultivate skills that extend beyond the event itself.

In essence, DigiEduHack @Tec is dedicated to sparking innovation, confronting educational challenges, nurturing holistic empowerment, bridging concept with application, fostering collaboration, acknowledging excellence, driving tangible impact, and championing lifelong learning. Through these objectives, we are excited to pave the way for an educational future where technology and learning intersect to craft transformative experiences for all.

Expectations and requirements for the solutions and participants

Expectations & Requirements:

  • Exclusive to Tec de Monterrey students, fostering a dynamic community of local innovators.
  • Vital in-person engagement at the campus, creating an immersive collaborative environment.
  • Acquaintance with the rigorous hackathon schedule, ensuring active participation.
  • Wholehearted commitment to channel intellectual vigour, creativity, and dedication into reimagining education. Join this transformative journey to shape the future of learning with your passion and pioneering spirit!
Available Support

Experience an ecosystem of support at DigiEduHack @Tec that enhances your hackathon journey:

1.     Mentors: Seasoned mentors from diverse domains will be at your side, providing guidance, insights, and expertise. They'll help refine your ideas, troubleshoot challenges, and offer valuable perspectives.

2.     Experts: Connect with subject-matter experts who bring deep insights into emerging technology and education. Their knowledge will enrich your solutions and ensure alignment with real-world needs.

3.     Hackers United: Collaborate with a vibrant community of fellow hackers. Sharing knowledge, brainstorming ideas, and working in synergy, you'll tap into a collective pool of creativity and innovation.

Together, we'll create an atmosphere of growth, learning, and collaboration, ensuring you're equipped with the tools and insights needed to make your innovative vision a reality.

Proposed Solutions