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Beginner Awards: Disruptive technology


Solution details

We propose a platform that functions as an integral educational solution for use in schools and at home, providing an excellent tool for the teacher to record the student's learning, objectives and interests, as well as helping to readapt study material to new forms such as quizzes, exams or revision material adapted to the student's profile in order to achieve personalised education, saving the teacher time and making it easier.


By creating a profile of the students where their personal goals and interests are recorded, a new way of studying that is aligned to their lifes will be provided, which reduces fatigue and frustration, as well as a virtual assistant that has the ability to adapt to their specific doubts and that can focus on the areas that are difficult for the student by detecting their complications using the analysis of their metrics and data.


The aim is for this platform to have the capacity to expand to the use of biometric data, such as a brain signalling headband that records in real time the student's attention, emotions and state of learning so that it can keep a record of new parameters that make the platform more efficient and improve its work by adapting to the student's needs, as well as more efficient real control in detecting the type of educational method and resources that achieve better results and can be accessible to schools or students.


The software will be kept updated to the state of the art for the integration of technology that will give us the capacity of a tool with course creation, more accessibility and the ability to further customise the education aligning it with the student's day to day life so that they have applicable teachings of value.

Tweet / Slogan

Proposing a comprehensive edu platform for schools and home, streamlining teacher-student interaction. Features: personalized learning, adaptive material, and student profiles for tailored education. Virtual assistant with biometrics for real-time feedback. Regular updates for cutting-edge tech and customizable learning.


The rigid structure of the educational system, inherently non-personalized, proves ineffective for many. In Mexico, this inadequacy impacts a staggering 27 million elementary and secondary school students who face low-quality education and high dropout rates.  Many parents, who suffer from economic hardship and distrust in the system, choose to make their children work rather than study, which worsens their quality of life and future prospects. The burden extends beyond students; teachers, exceeding regular work hours, strain to prepare outside of school, compromising their well-being and teaching quality. Furthermore, most families cannot afford alternative education that can address the gap in learning outcomes that the standardized education system creates. These issues not only hinder current learning but also increase socio-economic inequalities, making it imperative to implement innovative and inclusive educational reforms.

Who Benefits?

Our target group consists of primary and secondary school students and teachers. For teachers, we provide a powerful tool that supports their teaching, saves them time and grants the opportunity to generate educational materials based on the resources provided by the teacher and educational institutions, focused on the student’s profile in an efficient manner. Furthermore, it is impossible for a teacher to focus on the personal development of multiple students, which does not allow education to improve over time, but we believe that our solution could make it possible for teachers to access this improvement of study skills impossible to do en masse due to the attention needed for its application and allow the teacher to bring more specific techniques to a much larger scale.

For students, we deliver personalized education that allows them to relate knowledge to their areas of interest, and help work on their areas of opportunity based on the skills reflected on the platform, plus encouraging study as an individual habit in students, while improving more transcendental skills such as logical-mathematical ability, problem solving, etc.


We want to create a platform that helps students learn in a way that suits them best, and avoid the feeling of frustration and low self-esteem that often comes with traditional education. We will measure the impact of our project on the students and schools by looking at their overall academic improvement, which would be automatically tracked by the platform, as it can follow the activity of students and quantify their performance in various subjects and skills. This will save money for parents who care about their children's education, and reduce work for teachers who can use the platform to assess, manage, and teach their students. 

Another impact that may be harder to measure, but is equally significant, is that parents, students, and teachers will experience less stress because of the convenience of learning.

Moreover, we believe that our solution can be applied on a large scale and be an economical alternative that can be accessible to everyone, no matter their education.

Team work

As a team of six driven college students, our collective expertise spans multiple disciplines crucial to tackling today's educational challenges. With two software engineers, two mechatronic engineers, and two biomedical engineers specializing in neuro and neuroeducational research, we're a diverse group united by a common passion: addressing educational disparities in our country and globally. Our varied backgrounds not only bring technical proficiency but also a deep-rooted commitment to leveraging our skills for positive change. Beyond our individual skills, our team's strength lies in our collaborative synergy. Each of us is driven by a shared belief in the transformative power of education and a dedicated focus on finding innovative solutions to empower learning for all.


The current education system faces a challenge: how to provide quality education for a large and diverse student population. To do so, it often adopts a general and low-cost approach, which may not meet the needs of many students. External tutoring offers personalized learning for students and provides regular updates and feedback for parents; however, families must invest time and additional funds in addition to school costs. SmartStudy not only delivers the aforementioned benefits at a reduced cost, but also incorporates the use of cutting-edge technology to track students' performance and biometric parameters, which in turn alleviates student stress and improves learning outcomes. It also equips teachers with tools that streamline the teaching process, as well as functions as an excellent tutor for any remaining doubts any student may have, tailored to the profile of the student and the material seen in class. SmartStudy is the smart choice for students, parents, and teachers.


Our platform is a versatile solution that leverages AI to meticulously and seamlessly adapt to diverse learning contexts. While primarily focused on foundational education, its flexibility extends beyond conventional boundaries, catering to subjects like music, specialized corporate skills, and more without age limitations. This adaptability enables us to serve a wide spectrum of learners. Additionally, our platform offers a promising alternative for adults in developing countries seeking to complete their primary and secondary education, effectively addressing educational gaps and providing essential knowledge. This versatility showcases our platform's capacity to meet evolving educational needs across various contexts.


We want a world where students from all circumstances can benefit from this tool, not just those in private schools. We aim to empower children who lack access to education, as well as those who attend public schools, to learn in their own way. This way, they can improve their academic performance and achieve their full potential. Our vision is to enable a sustainable and equitable future for all kids. We also aim in the future to integrate EEG signals into the platform to improve the quality and effectiveness of learning. With these goals, we hope to create a world where every student has access to high-quality education, regardless of their backgrounds. This is aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 4, emphasizing inclusive and quality education minimizing gender disparities. Also, we can provide basic education for adults helping the global illiterate problem, aligning our efforts to contribute to global initiatives for equitable education and sustainable development.

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