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DigiEduHack 2024

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Get ready: the 5th edition of DigiEduHack will take place 8-17 Nov 2024!

Hacking for Aerial Deliveries: GIS in Drone Technology

Participants have the opportunity to engage with drone technology such as coding tools, building principles, flying a drone on a simulator guidance, or getting to know FPV drone racing. Students can also get into the STEM subjects using drones in science, technology, geography area.

Join our Drone Challenge and connect with fellow drone enthusiasts in this digital realm.


Hacking for Aerial Deliveries: GIS in Drone Technology
Who can join?
Secondary students
University students
Education professionals
Digital education enthusiasts
Specific conditions to apply

Category for Beginner level: Minimum age 12 years - to 18.

Category for Advanced level: from 18 - no limit

11 - 12 NOV 2023
Register by 10 NOV
from Poland
Emerging Technologies for Education

Challenge and goals

  • Skill Development: Participants have the opportunity to acquire and enhance various skills, such as coding, problem-solving, teamwork, and creativity. They can gain practical experience in using technology and tools relevant to the specific challenge.
  • Hands-On Learning: The event provides a hands-on learning experience where students can apply theoretical knowledge to real-world problems. This practical exposure can be invaluable for their education. (only if off-site event)
  • Innovation: Students are encouraged to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions to the challenges presented. This fosters creativity and encourages participants to explore new ideas.
  • Networking and Teamwork: Hackathons and challenges often bring together like-minded individuals, including peers, mentors, and industry professionals. Participants can expand their professional network and connect with potential mentors or future collaborators.
  • Solving Real-World Problems: Some hackathons focus on addressing real-world problems or challenges faced by organizations or communities. The goal is to develop solutions that have a positive impact.

  • Community Engagement: Students can engage with their local or global communities by working on projects that address social, environmental, or humanitarian issues.

  • Personal Growth: Beyond technical skills, the hackathons can provide personal growth by encouraging students to step out of their comfort zones, work under pressure, and develop a growth mindset.

Expectations and requirements for the solutions and participants

Technical Requirements:

  • Basic coding skills or a strong interest in coding.
  • Previous coding experience is not required.

Team Composition:

  • Participants can register individually or form a team.


  • Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops,
  • Tablets, mobile devices, as well as any necessary hardware or software tools. (only if offside event)


Available Support

We will upload the resources one week before the event starts.



  • 11 November 2023 - 8 AM - 12 November 2023 - 20 PM

    Drones for STEM
    24h drone programming and geospatial challange


Szilvia Szilagyi
Szilvia Szilagyi
Founder of Drone Design Lab



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