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DigiEduHack 2023

Seize the opportunity, let's support people-driven digital transformation in education together!
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People at the Centre of Digital Education

The Digital Education Hackathon, presented by Future Classroom Lab Moldova, is a groundbreaking event in the realm of education. Lasting 24 hours, it provides a dynamic platform for innovation, focusing on Emerging Technologies for Education. Eight teams, comprised of 40 students, will converge to explore the transformative potential of technology and creativity in education.

The hackathon is structured around comprehensive workshops. These encompass vital aspects of modern education, including Digital Education, Group Dynamics Management, Business Modeling, Communication Strategies, Pitching Techniques, and Educational Methodologies. Participants will immerse themselves in these sessions, gaining profound insights and honing their skills in each area.

Following these intensive workshops, participants will enter a collaborative teamwork session. Here, they will channel their newfound knowledge and skills to brainstorm, ideate, and craft innovative solutions aimed at transforming the educational process. The emphasis lies on harnessing emerging technologies creatively, fostering an environment where out-of-the-box thinking flourishes.

People at the Centre of Digital Education
Who can join?
Secondary students
VET students
University students
11 - 12 NOV 2023
Register by 02 NOV

Ion Creanga 1/1, Chisinau - Moldova (the Republic of)

Emerging Technologies for Education

Challenge and goals

The hackathon's goal is to inspire and empower participants to reimagine education through the lens of technology and creativity. By encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration and providing a supportive platform, it aims to propel the education sector into an exciting future where innovation becomes a cornerstone. 

Expectations and requirements for the solutions and participants

The solution will be a draft following the criteria/requirements:

  • Innovation;
  • Creativity;
  • Technologies.
Available Support

We offer 13 mentorship sessions encompassing technical and educational domains for all participants. Additionally, attendees joining the in-person hackathon will enjoy access to dedicated working spaces and complimentary snacks and beverages.


Continuous mentoring and supporting the idea with consulting by our experts, to make your idea into reality.

Further prizes will be announced during the DigiEduHack.

Proposed Solutions