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DigiEduHack 2024

Seize the opportunity, let's support people-driven digital transformation in education together!

Get ready: the 5th edition of DigiEduHack will take place 8-17 Nov 2024!

DigiEduHack 2.0 Introduces Exciting Innovations for 2023

The much-anticipated return of DigiEduHack in 2023 brought with it the exciting promise of a scaled up and expanded fourth edition. Now, let's take a closer look at what exactly makes this year's hackathon so different, improved, and packed with exciting opportunities.

The first update is related to the format of DigiEduHack. Just like before, our digital education hackathon continues to be a series of local hackathons held onsite, hybrid or online across the EU and worldwide. However, there's an exciting change in the timeframe in which these 24h hackathons – or, alternatively, 12h+12h hackathons – take place. In 2023, we are introducing the DigiEduHack Days: 8 days – from the 6 - 13 November – dedicated to finding solutions to the biggest challenges facing digital education. This measure ensures a greater degree of flexibility for the hosting organisations and it should also allow hosts to reach a wider audience through their efforts.

This year’s edition is all about people. We live in a world where technological advancements happen at an impressive speed, where the relevance of digital skills is ever-growing. It is vital that the consequent evolution of the learning process includes the establishment of a sense of care, belonging, empowerment and empathy, educators and learners alike. This is why the annual theme of DigiEduHack 2023 is “Putting people at the centre of digital education”. In addition to the annual theme, 9 challenge categories will guide host organisations in their efforts to design the challenges that DigiEduHack participants will later look to find solutions to.

Like every other hackathon, DigiEduHack will have its winners. But before we get there, we must remember: DigiEduHack is open to everyone, from fresh newbies to coding geniuses, with one requirement: the desire to play an active role in shaping the future of digital education. This is reflected in every phase of the initiative, DigiEduHack Global Awards included. Designed to recognise and reward the teams that put forward the best solutions to our challenges, the two categories – beginners and experienced – consider the level of expertise and backgrounds of the competing teams, as well as the maturity of the proposed solutions. Given DigiEduHack’s commitment to inclusivity, diversity and equity, each category is composed of two awards: the social impact award and the disruptive technology award.

With the goal of sustaining dialogue and collaboration in the field of digital education beyond the DigiEduHack days, this edition also marks the launch of our vibrant Discord community. This dedicated online platform will not only serve as support during each local hackathon, but it will continue to evolve as a hub for participants, experts and enthusiasts; it will offer a dynamic space for ongoing discussions, knowledge sharing and networking opportunities.

You too can become a member of the DigiEduHack community! Register for the 2023 edition of the Digital Education Hackathon, and we’ll be there to guide you all along the DigiEduHack adventure!

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