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DigiEduHack 2023

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28h - Transforming Education

The Emerging Technologies in Education category has been chosen because it plays a crucial role in education by enriching and transforming the learning process in innovative and effective ways. These technologies -- artificial intelligence and virtual/augmented reality -- enable deeper and more adaptive personalisation of educational content, providing students with engaging and interactive experiences. In addition, they facilitate access to global educational resources, foster online collaboration, develop essential digital skills, and prepare students for an ever-changing world by equipping them with the skills to meet the challenges of the 21st century in informed and creative ways.

DHE 2023 1 100
Who can join?
University students
Teachers and/or educators
Specific conditions to apply

Participants must be fluent in writing and speaking Spanish, although the final project must also be submitted in English.

Participants must work as a team and be responsible with the commitment assumed to participate.

Actively work on tasks assigned by the team.

08 - 09 NOV 2023
Register by 26 OCT
from Peru
Emerging Technologies for Education

Challenge and goals

The challenge is about exploring the integration of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual/Augmented Reality in the educational field, specifically in higher education. You can choose one of the following:

Enrich and enhance class sessions
What do you propose so that university students have experiences in dynamic and motivating, challenging classes that allow them to have active, collaborative learning, and that is a propitious space to confront positions and ideas that put their critical judgment into practice? How would you like to learn in your courses using these technological tools?

Improve and automate student evaluation methods
Students are evaluated throughout the semester to demonstrate their learning; how do you imagine the evaluations using these tools? They can make proposals for students who take face-to-face, hybrid courses (courses with face-to-face sessions and distance sessions) and/or completely distance courses.

Participants must prepare a project related to the challenge in one of the two topics, the classes or the evaluations, in order for their proposal to be a contribution to the integration of AI and/or VR/AR in higher education. 

Expectations and requirements for the solutions and participants

28h: Transforming Education is open to university students and teachers who must be fluent in Spanish. Please note that the final submissions of the projects on this website must be made in English and teams should be able to present their projects in English in order to receive a global DigiEduHack prize.

We are looking for creative people with a lot of enthusiasm, initiative, and desire to generate positive impacts on society.

The registration of participants will be open until October 26, 2023.

Available Support

If you have any question or need help, write to



The team will win:
- International recognition, visibility of their proposal
- DigiEduHack awards prize
- Possibility of make real their project

Proposed Solutions